The moveable rear wing

2011 sees F1 take a step into the bizarre, where each driver will be able to adjust an element fitted to their rear wing. The logic behind this rule is that when two cars are following closely, the second car will reduce the rear wing angle, increase straight-line speed, get a better tow and therefore aid overtaking. But in a twist to force more overtaking opportunities the rule makers have confirmed that the driver being overtaken will not be able to deploy their rear wing device in defence, unlike that of KERS which can be used in any situation out on track.

Throughout 2010 we saw teams develop differing kinds of F-duct systems only for them to be outlawed after season’s close. In 2009 teams were fighting to develop and introduce differing forms of double decker diffusers. DDDs are also now banned. Whilst both of these devices were legal there was often conflict between competing teams about how legal legal really was. Now we have a new legal device, how long before teams start protesting each other’s designs and concepts and potentially force a rethink of the rule or have the device outlawed completely?

More importantly, will the devices increase action on track? With so much promised prior to the 2009 season I am personally sceptical, even with the reintroduction of KERS.