1921 Avus-Rennen – The Complete Story

The Second Race

The second race for Group VIB, which was advertised for 6-Steuer-PS, two-seater vehicles and was to run over 120 kilometres, was a disappointment. Among the manufacturers, there was reluctance to approach this competition from the outset and only the Benz and the Wanderer team had entered cars.

After some delay, the four competitors went on their way. The first of the 6/18 PS Benz with Hörner at the wheel departed. The second Benz with Walb at the wheel followed, and finally the two Wanderers came by with their drivers Loos and Scholl.

On the very first lap, the Benz of Walb broke down and retired. Hörner completed the first lap in a time of 10 minutes 29 seconds and came by the second time around with a total time of 20m59s. Then he suffered the misfortune of his overworked engine misfiring and he had to give up. The Wanderer of Scholl was able to round the first lap in 10m47s, but then he also had to give up due to engine problems. The Wanderer of Loos, which was driven somewhat cautiously by its driver, drove the first lap in 10m55s and rounded the second after 21m35s. Then fate befell him too.

Since all four competitors were stranded and their attempts at repair were unsuccessful, the race organisers were forced to stop the race leaving the track available for the next competition.

24th September – 12:45pm – Class VIB – 6 laps x 120km

No finishers - Race Abandoned

    1  Franz Hörner             Benz 6/18        2 laps (Misfire)
    4  Karl Loos                Wanderer 6/20    2 laps
    3  Wilhelm Scholl           Wanderer 6/20    1 lap (Engine)
    2  Willi Walb               Benz 6/18        0 laps

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