Giovanni Bonanno crash - F3000 Jerez 1990

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Giovanni Bonanno crash - F3000 Jerez 1990

Post by bartez1000 » 2 years ago

According to interview from ( ... i-Bonanno/)
"When the accident happened in Jerez, I was in one of the leading positions but unfortunately that’s one of the risks of the job. The impact was hard and I left the track at over 200km per hour going headfirst into the barrier and breaking both legs" " I was lucky because the car broke in two with my legs trapped in the broken section but since I ended up in a pile of tyres the front end didn’t fly away and rip off my feet."

It seems that there was a big crash with possibly split monocoque. Crash happened at lap 9 ... ceid=18440 at according to his words, mr Bonnano was running in front so maybe cameras could pick some footage of it.
According to there may be long video about this event. Duke's Video F3000 reviev of 1990 F3000 season does not mention the accident. Does anyone have a video or photo of it?

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Post by PTRACER » 2 years ago

Not heard of this. Noted.
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Post by ReverenDexter » 1 year ago

Wow, never heard. I knew that Bonanno had a scary accident at Vallelunga during 1991 that left him dazed, but nothing else...
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