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Real Name: Fabio Aramu
Favourite Motorsport: F1
Favourite Driver: None
Favourite Circuit: Spa


Post by Fabioaramu » 1 year ago

Hello everyone.

My name is Fabio, born in Italy, raised in Holland and I am a huge F1 fan. Looking forward to reading some great story here and also write some in the future.

I love the engineering side of Motorsport and I have a special interest for aerodynamics. I love reading and finding out about ingenious findings and just illegal legal solutions in F1 and other (motor)sports (cycling, wrc, wec) as well.

Something nice I'd like to share. Underneath the front wing of the McLaren MP4/5 there are wooden air guides bent inwards. Almost invisible to the eye.

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Everso Biggyballies
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Real Name: Chris
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Favourite Driver: Kimi,Niki,Jim(none called Michael)
Favourite Circuit: Nordschleife, Spa, Mt Panorama.
Car(s) Currently Owned: Audi SQ5 3.0l twin turbo
Location: Just moved 3 klms further away so now 11 klms from Albert Park, Melbourne.

Post by Everso Biggyballies » 1 year ago

Welcome @ Fabioaramu to TFL. Enjoy.

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Real Name: Paul
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Favourite Circuit: Nordschleife
Location: U.K.

Post by PTRACER » 1 year ago

Hi Fabio. Thanks for joining.
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Real Name: Antony Leta
Favourite Motorsport: DTM
Favourite Driver: Elio De Angelis
Favourite Circuit: Vallelunga

Post by Antonysnake589 » 11 months ago


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