F1’s Top Races of the 2010s

2nd Place

Brazil 2012 – 20%


The Interlagos race was the showdown of the 2012 season. The championship was either going to be won by Vettel or Alonso, but given Vettel’s form, it was likely to be an easy Red Bull victory. That was not quite the case. At the start of the race, there was a very light drizzle and although the track was a little slippery, it was still good for slick tyres. However, the conditions would not be a factor on the first lap, since in Turn 3, Vettel was facing the other way with a broken front wing, having turned across on Bruno Senna, who then slammed into the rear of his car again as the RBR spun around. How the car was not damaged from such a heavy collision was a miracle.

The rest of the race saw battle-after-battle, which some drivers being caught out by the tricky conditions. Eventually it became wet enough for intermediates and the race ended under safety car after Paul DiResta crashed on the start finish straight. Vettel was able to fight back to 6th place which was just enough for the title.