F1’s Top Races of the 2010s

The 2019 German Grand Prix was recently voted the best race of the decade on F1.com. Those who voted are must have short memories, because the race was not that special compared to many others in the 2010s. So naturally, we had to have a poll ourselves on The Fastlane.

Since the races in 6th to 10th position received an equal number of votes, let’s look at the top 5, which really stand out from the crowd.

5th Place

Austria 2019 – 5%

This was a fabulous race, with actual on-track battles from start to finish. It was marked by ‘comeback’ through the field by Verstappen, who had an awful start from the front row and ended up down the lower half of the top ten. However, he fought back and had an almighty battle for the lead before a fantastic wheel-to-wheel battle with Charles Leclerc in the final few laps. In the end, the Ferrari had to concede and Verstappen took the win.