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Picture(s) Year Driver(s) Category Series Track Type Circuit Event Fatal
1960 Earl Balmer
Will Cagle
Curtis Crider
Wally Dallenbach
Ralph Earnhardt
Ed Flemke
Wilbur Flowers
Dick Foley
Larry Frank
Dick Freeman
Al Hager
Bob Hall
Joe Hatcher
Hooker Hood
Joe Lee Johnson
Reds Kagle
Stan Kross
Elmo Langley
Tiny Lund
Jimmy Mairs
Jack McLaughlin
Spud Murphy
Richard Nephew
Sonny Palmer
Jim Parsley
Dean Pelton
Billy Rafter
Johnny Roberts
Bob Rossell
Frank Rubritz
Wendell Scott
Martin Sharpe
Acey Taylor
Larry Thomas
Speedy Thompson
Carl Tyler
Bill Wark
Bill Wimble
Stock Cars NASCAR Modified Oval (Paved) Daytona International Speedway No
1963 Rene Charland
H.B Bailey
Chuck Daigh
Roy Mayne
Jimmy Pardue
David Pearson
Pete Stewart
Larry Thomas
Rodger Ward
Bill Foster
Buck Baker
Stock Cars NASCAR Grand National Oval (Paved) Daytona International Speedway Daytona 500 Consolation Race No
1964 Larry Thomas Stock Cars NASCAR Grand National Oval (Paved) Bristol Motor Speedway Southeastern 500 No

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