All 2021 F1 Races Ranked

Middle 8

13th – Dutch Grand Prix – 5.7/10
12th – Austrian Grand Prix – 6.06/10
11th – Saudi Arabian Grand Prix – 6.26/10
10th – United States Grand Prix – 6.6/10
9th – Sao Paulo Grand Prix – 7/10
8th – Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix – 7.174/10
7th – French Grand Prix – 7.176/10
6th – Azerbaijan Grand Prix – 7.37/10

An interesting middle 8, showing that at least 40% of the races this year received an “above average” rating.

The real standout here is the Saudi Arabian GP, which was the most polarising race we ever had. 31% of the votes rated it 2/10 or lower, while another 31% voted 9/10 or higher. Without those low votes, the race would have been well into the Top 5. Here are some of the comments from that race:

caneparo: It was absolutely great. 9

manny: It was the first race i saw this year and it was good. So i’ve gave it a 10. It had every thing F1 is known for, overtakes, crashes, the unexpected & drama.

Cheeveer: Are you fucking kidding me?! One of the worst races I’ve ever seen. Really, really ashamed of F1 today. I feel so sorry for Michael Masi that has to deal with this shit. What a disgrace. GTFO.

MonteCristo: That was a catastrofuck. The racing wasn’t good, it was yet another race of shit stewarding, followed by unsportsmanlike driving.