All 2021 F1 Races Ranked

As has been tradition at The Fastlane for many years, after each race our forum members rate the Grand Prix out of 10. There is no real science behind it, people choose their own criteria for a good or bad race. Some will vote a boring race 10/10 because their favourite driver won. Others will vote an otherwise dramatic race 1/10 because they felt the stewards interfered too much with the results.

2021 actually saw some of the widest spreads of votes that I have seen since we started making these polls. The Monaco GP, for example, received at least one vote for every rating between 1/10 and 10/10.

Firstly, let’s look at the season average based on the Rate the Race threads vs. how people rated the season overall after it was all over:

Rate The Race (Average): 6.25/10 – Total votes: 372
Rate The Season: 7.62/10 – Total votes: 13

Now let’s look at the ratings for each race starting with the bottom 9.

Bottom 9

22nd – Belgian Grand Prix – 0/10
21st – Portuguese Grand Prix – 4.125/10
20th – Monaco Grand Prix – 4.13/10
19th – British Grand Prix – 4.47/10
18th – Styrian Grand Prix- 4.57/10
17th – Mexico City Grand Prix – 4.87/10
16th – Turkish Grand Prix – 5.22/10
15th – Spanish Grand Prix – 5.31/10
14th – Qatari Grand Prix – 5.5/10

In last place, we have a clear winner – the Belgian GP. Since the race never technically took place, we opted to not run the poll, but even if we were to vote for the few laps we did under safety car conditions, it wouldn’t have been any higher.

The real loser of the 2021 season was Portugal, which saw generally little action after the opening stages. At the end of the first lap, Raikkonen hit his own team mate on the straight and there were a fair number of DRS overtakes in the following laps. Hamilton had lost out to both Bottas and Verstappen in the initial stages and had dropped to third, but on Lap 11, Lewis got past Max and  later swept round the outside of Bottas into Turn 1 on Lap 20 to take the lead. Despite the Red Bulls looking quite racy against the Mercedes #2 driver, they had no answer for Lewis who won the race seemingly unchallenged by almost 30 seconds.