The information in this site has been collected from a variety of different sources over a period of many years. Unfortunately it is impossible for me to recall all the sources here, however I include a list below of all the sources I can remember. If you think you should be included on this list, please contact me at


Book / Site Authour Description Darren Galpin GEL Motorsport Tracks Around The World Peter Aspeslagh Ultimate Motorsport Information Site Leif Snellman Collection of pre-war tracks
Grand Prix Data Book David Hayhoe & David Holland ISBN 0-95251-210-6
Power & Glory (Volume 1 1906-1951) William Court
The History of Motor Racing William Body
History of the Grand Prix Car 1945-65 Doug Nye
Guiness Guide To International Motor Racing Peter Higham ISBN 0-85112-642-1 CART track information webpages The Monza Website The Auto 66 Club, Scarbourgh, UK Auto 66 Road Racing Club
Fast Tracks Terry Walker
A Guide To Motor Racing Circuits Of The World Tony Sakkis ISBN 1-85310-518-X
The Racing Boys Wayne Adams
The Complete History of Grand Prix Motor Racing Adriano Cimarosti Guido de Carli Circuiti Nel Mondo / Tracks In The World Frank Sheffield


The following people have generously contributed information for addition to this site. Their time and effort is greatly appreciated.

Contributor Homepage
Quintin Cloud
Peter Aspeslagh
Eddie Hendry
Pedro Johansson
Vicente J. Sillitti
Stephen Combie
Stefan Örnerdal
Martin Kreí
Ray Bell
Darren Galpin
Ross Fosbender
Jacob Hornemann
José Carlos Pereira Lopes da Costa
Ignacio Bettosini
Jon Poirier
Daniel Gessner
Gabriel Sylvestre
Iva Tanackovic
Mark Taylor
Conrad Zalewski
Mark Jones
Martin Berrang
Malcolm Mitchell
Guido de Carli
Alfonso de Orleans
Jimmy Piget
Johan Kuipers
Antonio Pessoa
Luc Ghys
Chris Hall
Chris Sampang
Wolfgang Neumayer
Geoff Fry
Dan Murray
Morton Alstrup
Alex Frederichsen
Tom Barnard
Roberto Torresin
Carlos Ghys
David Page
Louis B Ramierz
Gordon Smith
Dave Gold
Remo Dreier
Jaime Gras Corral
Tim Berisford
Pablo Vignone
Sal Chiappetta
David Horsley
Michal Velebny
Frank Sheffield
Stephen Barbara
Roelard Smit
Carlos Moyna
Martin Garzón
Michel Marti
David Romero
Ewen Nicolson
Mauro Traversa
Richard Crozier

Please note that all future acknowledgements will be added directly to the relevent circuit page.