This website has its origins in 1994 when I first became interested in motor racing. The initial collection of Formula 1 circuit plans on my computer were soon supplemented with those from other racing series such as IndyCar, GT Racing and Motorcycling. My collection then progressed to include circuits used in national championships in the United Kingdom, then to those on the European continent and finally the rest of the world.

In 1996 I first published my collection of circuit plans on the internet for the benefits of other motor racing enthusiasts. Over the following two years my collection expanded to include local club racing circuits and defunctional venues. At this point, the format of the site was altered to include contact information for each track where possible.

From 2000, I expanded my collection to include details of circuit variants, including historical configurations. It was at this time that I also began to develop the 'Racing Series' section of the website, which includes season by season calendars for all of the major racing series together with details of the race winner and a link to the circuit configuration that was used for the event.

During the first quarter of 2001 I performed a complete update of the site and added pages for Information Sources, Site Update History and a links page for each country and series. Later in the year, I began a Photo Archive of racing circuits for photographs which have kindly been donated for display.

The website is still very much a "work in progress" and I anticipate that this shall remain the case for the considerable future! I have not made any money from this site since it was developed and nor do I intend to. Advertising banners, popups and animated graphics slow down your browsing process and so they are not supported or welcome here! Thanks to the people at freeola.net this site is hosted free of charge and has unlimited space, so there is still plenty of room for future expansion.

Hopefully, I have designed the website to be as accessible, fast and reliable as possible. I hope that you continue to enjoy referring to the information on this site as much as I enjoy creating and maintaining it!

About The Author

My mugshot, taken October 2000 I am Daniel King and I was born in May 1977. I live in the town of Heckmondwike in the north of England and I am employed as a textile dyer for a local specialised dyeing company. My interests are all forms of motor racing and very little of anything else! Apart from administering this website, I run a racing team called Team DAN Competition which competes in the West Yorkshire Karting Series.

Link to map courtesy and copyright of multimap.com