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Hello - Question about the YouTube channel

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Hello - Question about the YouTube channel

Post by mattamys » 1 year ago

Hey everyone!

I'm a big fan of the YouTube channel, really curious to know the process of how clips are sourced and uploaded with incredible quality.
I'm sure this must have been asked millions of times on here (apologies I'm very bad at forums) but would love to know how the clips are found to be being upload with 50fps with perfect quality?


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Post by trublue11 » 11 months ago

Also wondering the same thing. The quality of these clips are incredible!

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Post by Everso Biggyballies » 11 months ago

Put it down to a very talented and knowledgeable Forum administrator who puts in a lot of time and effort doing the upgrades. :wink:

It is certainly a factor that gives our forum /YT Channel a unique and rare advantage over others.

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Post by erwin greven » 11 months ago

Everso Biggyballies wrote:
11 months ago
It is certainly a factor that gives our forum /YT Channel a unique and rare advantage over others.
:thumbsup: :tongue:
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