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Charlie Whiting RIP

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Everso Biggyballies
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Re: Charlie Whiting RIP

Post by Everso Biggyballies » 1 year ago

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Im sure he will get a one minute silence in tribute pre race.

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Post by MonteCristo » 1 year ago

Very sad to pass away when he's away from family.

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Post by John » 1 year ago


The Haas car this weekend.

https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/how- ... h/4352284/
How the race will be run after Charlie's passing.
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Post by kals » 1 year ago

I did not know that Charlie was Godfather Gonzalo Rodriguez’ sister

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Post by Cheeveer » 1 year ago

Indeed very shocking. Couldn't believe it when I read this this morning. I'm sure his absence will be felt in the days, months and years to come. RIP.
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Post by sadsac » 1 year ago

Very sad and sudden a great loss to F1
RIP Charlie :rip: :rip:

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Post by erwin greven » 1 year ago

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