Hockenheim 1938-64 Info and Pcitures.

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Re: Hockenheim 1938-64 Info and Pcitures.

Post by PTRACER » 1 year ago

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Andy wrote:
PTRACER wrote:What about the German video archive? I can't remember its name, but it's like the German equivalent of British Pathe and it has a fair amount of motor racing material from the 1950s in its database.
Deutsches Filmarchiv in Berlin. There you'll find the following link for a search mask :

A quick search for 'Hockenheim' brings up two matches but both past 1964.
I haven't seen that site before, I just remembered it was called 'Bundesarchiv' and this is it: https://www.filmothek.bundesarchiv.de/s ... hockenheim

It contains footage of Hockenheim from 1948, throughout the 1950s until 1962, then from 1968 onwards :smiley:

I think Sergio will be pleased to know that he'll only need to create three track objects besides the pit area: The crowd, the trees and some strawbales :tongue:
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Post by Michael Ferner » 1 year ago

Andy wrote:
Michael Ferner wrote:
Andy wrote:Always a pleasure, mate. Like Roy Moore once said to me when we chatted about the Tommy Robb biography 'From TT to Tokyo' :
"I keep these books too, they are a very good reference"
Oh and in addition to aboves GP 500 post: I`ve ordered the FIM's 2016 red bible to solve those startnumbers unmentioned ;)
Happy weekend everyone, I`m on call

Does that "red bible" really contain this info, and if, where can I order one?
Official MotoGP website shop. It is the only copy available (& released publically) except you find someone of the eligible circle who got it exclusively in previous years.
There you go >>> http://store.motogp.com/en/motogptm-176 ... rsion.html
Hmm. The description sounds like it is just a compilation of "points finishers", not a word about complete results or even starting numbers. Unless you find out it does contain more info I'll pass it up.
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Post by Andy » 1 year ago

You are right. There ain't startlists.
It contains from 1949 - 2015 mainly :

- Final championship standings
- Top 5 to Top 15 results (depending on year & race)
- Results per rider
- Results per manufacturer

For me it is a good guide through the history of the sport and quite helpful too when I read these old books
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