Guess the Pole Points System: Poll

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How should we score GTP this year?

The 90's rule! 10-6-4-3-2-1
Keep it the same! 20-15-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1
I have the magic combo and I'm going to suggest it below
No votes
This game sucks! Who cares anyway?
Total votes: 10

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Guess the Pole Points System: Poll

Post by XcraigX » 1 year ago

It has been suggested that a good way to ensure interest throughout the year in GTP is to shorten the points back to the mid 90's F1 points system. The theory goes that if less people are scoring, they will try harder in the subsequent rounds to get in the points. So please make a choice at the top and share your thoughts in this thread.

Should we change the points system to 10-6-4-3-2-1 (top 6 score points)?
Or should we leave it the same at 20-15-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1 (top 10 score points)?
Or is there some other magic combo of numbers you think may be better?
(I am planning to keep the 10 point bonus for an exact guess, but will change that to 5 with a top 6 points payout)

You gets 1 vote!

Looking forward to a competitive season!!



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Post by kals » 1 year ago

Match it to the current point structure in F1.

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Post by MonteCristo » 1 year ago

It really comes down to how many people intend to play during the season. If it's a small number, old F1 points. If it's in the mid-to-high teens, then current F1.
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Post by John » 1 year ago

MonteCristo wrote:It really comes down to how many people intend to play during the season. If it's a small number, old F1 points. If it's in the mid-to-high teens, then current F1.

The real shame last year was that the championship was effectively decided before the last race, when 10 entrants, and everyone thus scoring points. If we don't get 15-20 guesses each round, we'd be better off just giving points to the Top 6. Also, that would mean that if you make a snowstorm theory-guess at Abu Dhabi, you won't get any points, as you don't deserve them. :P
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Post by Ian-S » 1 year ago

Wait till the entries are all in for Aus tn decide, you can always adjust it later down the line.

Its what we've done with our online nascar league, we've reduced the points so that it is essential to race, last year you could just turn up every fourth race and post provisionals an maintain a position in the points, now there are less points on offer than racers.
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Post by Picci » 1 year ago

I like the fact that I put in a crap guess and I still get a consolation point. Makes me feel less guilty about not having thought my guess through properly. I would rather see it stay the same.

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