John Surtees RIP

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Re: John Surtees RIP

Post by kals » 10 months ago

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If there is one piece of happiness to this, it is that John and Henry have been reunited


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Post by Ian-S » 10 months ago

Dam saw it on the news earlier, not good that all these people are dying from respiratory problems, something they frankly shouldn't be.

As with Paul, had the pleasure of meeting this chap and watching a few races many moons ago from the old top of the hospitality units at Brands, you always used to see him (and Martin Donnelly Sr) at the Festival each year turning up like old pennies, such a genuinely nice bloke.
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Post by MitchC24 » 10 months ago

Got home from school
Terrible news to hear
RIP John

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Post by Kai-Star » 10 months ago

Sorry to hear this. A legend and a unique one. RIP.
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Post by MonteCristo » 10 months ago

A remarkable career. RIP John.
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Post by Everso Biggyballies » 10 months ago

F1 Legends - John Surtees

Steve Rider interviews Multiple Motorcycle Racing Champion and 1964 F1 World Champion John Surtees. Its been on TV before but always worth a watch.

Also, a Duke video tribute to John.

John Surtees - Legend on two and four wheels

John Surtees talks about the powergap between Ferrari and the British garagistes in the 1964 Formula 1 Grand Prix season. Featuring footage of the legend in action against other stars of the 1.5l era.

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Post by ReneLotus » 10 months ago

Sad news. That great racetrack in the sky is getting more and more crowded :sad:

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Post by PETROLHEAD » 10 months ago

He was a true legend and a real gentleman.May the circuits in the Heaven be kind to you as those on Earth were.RIP Big John

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Post by HcBuzz » 10 months ago

Very sad news. A whole generation is leaving us. I was reading about him a few weeks ago. I learned that he got an advice from Mike Hawthorn to get in a car. Initially he didn't give much attention, but some time later he found himself driving for Reg Parnell.

I love that footage of him driving his Cooper T53 on French streets.


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Post by onid » 10 months ago


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Post by Andy » 8 months ago

In the latest issue of Classic racer there has been a lovely 21 page tribute to the late John Surtees.
You can find all about it in this post over in motorcycles >>> viewtopic.php?f=71&t=14842#p312012 or by clicking on the pic below


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