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Real Name: Carlton Daniels
Favourite Motorsport: Formula 1
Favourite Driver: Lewis hamilton
Favourite Circuit: Circuits of the Americas


Post by CLDan » 3 months ago

Hi Folks,
I'm new here....

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Real Name: Simon
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Post by theracer120 » 3 months ago


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Everso Biggyballies
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Real Name: Chris
Favourite Motorsport: Anything that goes left and right.
Favourite Racing Car: Too Many to mention
Favourite Driver: Kimi,Niki,Jim(none called Michael)
Favourite Circuit: Nordschleife, Spa, Mt Panorama.
Car(s) Currently Owned: Audi SQ5 3.0l twin turbo
Location: Just moved 3 klms further away so now 11 klms from Albert Park, Melbourne.

Post by Everso Biggyballies » 3 months ago

Welcome @CLDan to TFL. Enjoy :thumbsup:

*Sebastian, Lance is faster than you... do you understand?*

*I married Miss Right. Just didn't know her first name was Always

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Favourite Motorsport: Formula 1
Favourite Circuit: Monaco actually
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Post by Ruslan » 3 months ago

Welcome CLDan. I am also fairly new here. Are you American?

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