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Real Name: Tom Wagner
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New here

Post by Chevrolet » 8 months ago

Hello, my name is Tom, i come frome Germany and like LeMans and Dragrace and Formula 1

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erwin greven
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Post by erwin greven » 8 months ago

Brian Redman: "Mr. Fangio, how do you come so fast?" "More throttle, less brakes...."
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Everso Biggyballies
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Post by Everso Biggyballies » 8 months ago

Hi @Chevrolet and welcome to TFL. Enjoy.

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Post by Ruslan » 8 months ago

Welcome @Chevrolet. A Chevy ain't your typical a German car.

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Post by Star » 8 months ago

Hello @Chevrolet hope you enjoy your time here :)
Just so you know, I am a woman

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Real Name: jim
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Post by jimclark » 8 months ago

Welcome. :wave:

Is your first name really Louis btw?....'come back to visit us? :)

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Post by Andy » 8 months ago

Hi there, Tom. Welcome!

I'm also from Germany but I'm more on the bike racing side of things ;)
"Those who risk nothing, do nothing, achieve nothing, become nothing" - David Jefferies

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Post by Picci » 8 months ago

Hi Tom welcome to the forum :)

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