G,day Cobbers.

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G,day Cobbers.

Post by shiney005 » 1 year ago

Laurie from "Straya" here. I have a healthy interest in Aussie Group C and Group A racing. A few Holden Commodores ended up racing in Europe in the 1980s so I am hoping to track down some info on them through here. Before Holden built the Commodore, the car they used for racing was the Torana. I have a 1974 LH L34 that is one 263 built to homologate the changes needed to race Group C, and the last true race car built by the Holden factory as the following models (A9X & Commodore) had road versions that didn't need to be produced with the race engine.
Cheers. Laurie.

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Post by Everso Biggyballies » 1 year ago

G'day Laurie, and welcome to TFL. You will find a few other 'Strylians' here of varying vintages. Interesting car you have and hope we can collectively help with your project on Commodores in Europe.


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