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Hi there

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 13:50 pm
by PaulKenny
Hello everyone.

My name is Paul Kenny. I write biographies in my spare time. My first book was 'The Man Who Supercharged Bond', the biography of automotive, aeronautic and astronautic engineer and society portrait painter, Amherst Villiers. I'm now working on the authorised biography of racing driver, RAF ace and industrialist, Whitney Straight.

It was seeking to learn more about the fatal accident of John Houldsworth in the 1934 Empire Trophy race at Brooklands that brought me to this site - my compliments to the people who run it.


Re: Hi there

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 15:43 pm
Welcome Paul, thanks for your kind words. Whitney was a notable figure, so good luck on your bio.

I imagine you found us via this, but in case you didn't, this is all we have on the Houldsworth crash: ... ditid1=384

I'm sure newspaper archives etc. will have more if we went searching.