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Hello everyone

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Hello everyone

Post by Sedre » 1 year ago

Hello everyone on forums!
My name is Andrei and I'm from Russia, so sorry for any grammar mistakes I made. I'm fan of auto racing for most of my life and also I'm very interested in autosport history - not only in Russian, but also in world racing history as well.

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Post by theracer120 » 1 year ago

Hello and welcome to the forum!

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Post by Everso Biggyballies » 1 year ago

Welcome Andrei to TFL. Enjoy.

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Post by myownalias » 1 year ago

добро пожаловать Andrei,

We don't get too many Russians on English speaking forums, I'll be interested to hear your views during the season.

Your grammar is just fine, no need to apologize.
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Post by MonteCristo » 1 year ago

G'day and welcome :).
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