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*** Threads which may be of interest to new members ***

Post by PTRACER » 1 year ago

Racing is living and everything that happens in between is just waiting.

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Post by Bo_Bruce » 1 year ago

some of you may know of the (now 20 year old sim) Grand Prix Legends... well, i admin a league (now running since '03) it is based on the 1967 season of F1 (tho other mod's have now been created) - currently we run 2 divisions, on alternating Saturdays. races are 1 hour (+/-) in duration and have scoring categories in each division to keep a balance in the championship. if you've any interest, check the web site, or better, come join oAo! http://oao-gpl.speedgeezers.net/index.html (or PM me here for any questions you might have)
the thrill of speed is only exceeded by the thrill of having sped or the anticipation of it :)

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