2020 banter & Silly season thread for MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3

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Re: 2020 banter & Silly season thread for MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3

Post by John » 4 months ago

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Andy wrote:
4 months ago
John wrote:
4 months ago
I wonder if that was the finest season ever. The best one I've seen purely from an entertainment perspective, but that view is of course both aided and hampered by the fact that MM93 wasn't there. Surely it was the closest season ever, the days of drivers winning by 15+ seconds are long gone now and the field is just getting more and more tightly packed with every season.

All manufacturers except for the absolutely hopeless Aprilia (and Honda, but that's the Marquez factor) team won a race this year. They obviously don't have the resources that Suzuki has, and like KTM they probably need a satellite operation to help with development. I wonder how long they'll stick around if they continue to prop up the rear of the grid and success is measured in how many 10th places finishes Aleix can drag out of that bike.

Taakaki impressed me this year, finished inside the top-10 in every race he finished.
Dovi fourth in the championship despite a quiet season where Ducati never got the hang of the new rear slick.
Honda are hopeless without MM93, maybe they should try and make the bike more user friendly. Then again, if MM is back and winning races, Honda won't bother with the other three bikes.
Miller has been impressive this year too.
FQ faded spectacularly towards the tail end of the season.
The finest, no.
But one of the most brilliant in our time with MotoGP (post 500cc).
I can respect that. I only followed the 500cc era casually (no Eurosport back then).
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Post by Everso Biggyballies » 4 months ago

Marquez 3rd surgery decision to be made in early December.

We have discussed recently the revelation that all is not well in the Marquez recovery, with the potential need of a third surgury with bone grafts to effect a full recovery. It is said D Day for the decision on surgery is December 1st.

One possibility which has been raised is that the 27-year-old is suffering from pseudoarthrosis, known also as a ‘non-union’ or ‘false joint’, although that is not usually diagnosed within six months of surgery. This would I guess be the talk of bone grafts.

Bear in mind, his second episode of surgery took place in August ..... to replace the titanium plate from the original procedure which had become damaged by his early comeback attempt.

Should Marc require that third surgery is will certainly be a 6 month recovery and he will miss at least the first 6 races on that score.

A statement from Puig, Repsol Honda manager
“The situation is what we have explained,” he said.

“I cannot tell you something I don’t know because, first of all, I’m not a doctor and second of all I don’t have a crystal ball.

“But what we explained is based on the programme that we decided together with the doctors and hopefully it will be OK.

“It has been clearly a slower process than we expected and of course we wanted. But it has been like this.

“Not all situations are like you expect or not all the injuries evolve like you would like.

“Basically, this is the story, I mean I know we have been trying to explain race by race the situation because we always had the hope that Marc would join during the season.

“That’s why we didn’t say ‘OK, see you next year’. We have been trying to keep the situation, but by the end of the year there was no time and that’s when we announced it was impossible.

“So, we hope in the next weeks, month we can say the rider is back to full fitness.

“But unfortunately, I can’t answer that, we just hope.”
All of which basically tells us nothing really. The crunch will be in a couple of days when the decision re surgery is made.

If it is for surgery what will Honda do for the early part of the year? Cal Crutchlow has now left Honda to join Yamaha in a test capacity..... Dovi is a name that springs to mind. He has nothing else planned! Or do they continue with Bradl?

Lets get the decision re what the status of MM93 is re surgery and a likely return before we start thinking about the options. Only a few days to wait.

Then I guess will be the reality of whether ,should he not have a third surgery in order to try and expedite a swifter return, will the arm be strong enough and will it further damage the chance of a full recovery?

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Post by DoubleFart » 4 months ago

There comes a point that you have to look at the next 60 years, and not the next 6... But we all know motorcyclists have a screw loose somewhere 😂
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Post by Andy » 4 months ago

DoubleFart wrote:
4 months ago
There comes a point that you have to look at the next 60 years, and not the next 6... But we all know motorcyclists have a screw loose somewhere 😂
Now, now :haha:
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