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1951 Langhorne big one - who flipped over? (VIDEO)

Post here if you come across a video or image that you would like identifying.
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1951 Langhorne big one - who flipped over? (VIDEO)

Post by Microsprinter18 » 1 year ago

Well, it's that time of the year again..this wreck has intrigued me for some time now, and I'd like to see what answers we could find! I am using the British Pathe version of the wreck, although it is black and white, it is more high quality than the color versions.

The timeline of the wrecks are as follows.
0:16 - Don Black flips, this is the start of the accident.
0:24 - John Sturgan flips, this is not part of the big one.
0:50 - Elmer Musclow (name on door in the aftermath footage) does a full flip, unknown driver in #8 tips onto its side. This #8 car will be red and yellow in the color footage.
1:10 - Dick Linder tips onto his side.
1:15 - Two unknown drivers tip onto their sides in the background.
and in videos which contain the aftermath, a relatively undamaged white car can be seen being tipped back onto its wheels that does not match the descriptions of any of the other cars. This crash looks like it happened off-camera, or it could have been an entirely different accident

Also, it is reported that Frankie Schneider may have flipped in this race. It is possible he was one of the unknown cars that flipped over in the background at the 1:15 mark.

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Post by Jesper Hvid » 1 year ago

I have never been able to find a better stats page than this: ... ceid=21923

Unfortunately, it cannot be used to find the answer by process of elimination.
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Post by paner » 2 months ago

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Post by Michael Ferner » 2 months ago

Different race
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