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Crash Cavalcade - 1960s 8mm Film (VIDEO)

Post here if you come across a video or image that you would like identifying.
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Crash Cavalcade - 1960s 8mm Film (VIDEO)

Post by PTRACER » 2 years ago

I found a slightly better source on YouTube than TBK's old version. It had dropped frames every few seconds, so I fixed that and reuploaded.

Most crashes seem to be from Brands Hatch, with a few from Oulton Park and maybe also Mallory Park, 1964-5 I would guess. Some are in the CPdB and some are fatal.

0:00-2:23: ???
2:23-2:41: Chris Craft, Brands 1963: ... itid1=1660
2:41-3:00: ???
3:00-3:07: Chris Airey's FATAL crash, Brands 1963: ... ditid1=178
3:07-4:04: ???
4:04-4:14 : Martin Mulcrane, Brands 1964: ... itid1=3631
4:14-4:25: ???
4:25-4:39: Unknown Spectator Incident - Would like to ID
4:39-4:58: Multi-car shunt - Would like to ID
4:58-5:09: ???
5:09-5:30: Terry Clark, Brands 1963: ... ditid1=508
5:30-8:22: ???
8:22-8:32: George Crossman's FATAL crash, Brands 1965: ... ditid1=496
8:32-9:02: ???

And there we are.
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Jesper Hvid
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Post by Jesper Hvid » 2 years ago

Can't ID any of the other ones. I'll compare with British Pathé-footage, and see if there are any matches.
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