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1980s Boat Racing Crash Pilot Ejected

Post here if you come across a video or image that you would like identifying.
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Jesper Hvid
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1980s Boat Racing Crash Pilot Ejected

Post by Jesper Hvid » 8 months ago


2.27MB, 0:27 min.s, .mp4-format, voice-over commentary, right click, save as.

I cropped this from the idiotic mondo-mockumentary Faces of Death Part IV (1990), which can't be taken seriously. Some elements in the movie are however genuine, such as this race crash, but you can't use what's being said in the commentary, at all. Part 3 was from 1985, so it stands to reason this crash happened in the second half of the decade.

I've seen a few pics that may be a match for this, but I haven't time to compare them, right now. They are all in Boat Racing Crash Photos.

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