Many unknown bike road racing crashes

Post here if you come across a video or image that you would like identifying.
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Many unknown bike road racing crashes

Post by mattia2 » 4 months ago

Another load of unknown crashes, this time from bike road racing.

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A very famous clip, the rider should be david niblock. year unknown!F7xShRqL!W5igcHgdrqmf ... MwBO_u6Uj4

Darren Clas (i think) crashes hard. Year Unknown.!tjgmzAhC!XRsrFpVbZnTr ... 0AvUb8KMVE

It's one of the most famous crashes ever filmed, but for some reason i don't know anything about it.!tupjjSoY!9KZH5BU6kRLE ... qkB5r1EXW8

I don't know anything about this clip.!V6IzDATK!F6olybMyxBvH ... wQ1CJFdgbg


No info about this crash, seems bad.!ArIwlLgK!k3rwb407tu39 ... tDMPVVy5mQ

I'm 99% sure this is Robert Dunlop, at the Northwest 200 1998.!h3IkyTyL!88RSzAFygWjJ ... EQswNyucgY

One of the biggest crash you'll ever see, and one of the biggest save you'll ever see. Also, any better version is appreciated.!E3YzWKCL!uqN_y-_GSmOl ... fxYWZdTSDQ

I thought this one was from the southern 100, but in the video it says it's from north ireland, so i don't think it's that race.!ljRiiR4b!aYgwuHozGWfA ... g1eVZt2ClA

Another famous clip, and this one i'm almost sure it's from the southern 100.!4jgQiRDK!7-TlP9zY9dLE ... X4d5Tev7Bo

Another bad crash from the southern 100.!QqRQEASC!M7iZGeJsHvJF ... E9cY3lWkJg

Big crash at the start of the Tandragee 100, Year and rider unknown.!9voF0JBL!XDjt3EOOXIoB ... ADCkhT9tH0

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