1960 Flipped Sportscar Silverstone

Post here if you come across a video or image that you would like identifying.
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1960 Flipped Sportscar Silverstone

Post by Jesper Hvid » 6 months ago

PTRACER wrote:
6 months ago
Jesper Hvid wrote:
6 months ago

For IDing, will check some things first.

Should be Silverstone, probably a Cooper or Lotus, flipped in a support race, circa 1960. Single-digit vehicle number, maybe a 2.
Just a suggestion:
http://www.the-fastlane.co.uk/cpdb/cras ... ditid1=261

The car depicted there might be #15, but Keens' car was #2 and Brierley's was #12
Third driver involved was Keith Greene.

http://www.racingsportscars.com/results ... 5-14a.html

Can anyone hellp us with this one? We are probably on the right track, and PTRACER's suggestion may very well be correct. I'm inclined towards it being the #2 Lola Mk.1 of Laurie Keens. A description of the crash would help a lot.
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