1905 Rotschild (sp?) Wreck Near Bridge

Post here if you come across a video or image that you would like identifying.
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1905 Rotschild (sp?) Wreck Near Bridge

Post by Jesper Hvid » 10 months ago


Deliberately started in rubbish bin, but it's very close to having substance.

The back of the postcard tells of the accident shown, and the item (currently on German eBay) offers several clues. It even lists as a crash image from a motor race ("Automobilrennen"), but this remains to be determined, and I have my doubts. There were several Coupe de Rothschild-races in that decade, but I can't make the match by anything. The Rothschild-connection to early racing history is mentioned here:

https://www.rothschildarchive.org/exhib ... othschilds

Summing up:

Accident took place on June 30, 1905.

Driver's name was de Rothschild, and the accident happened near the Pont-de-Raymond (how I read it), and someone was "gravement blessé", i.e. seriously injured. So, it's French.

The car was a 60HP, but has no visible vehicle number. I believe it's a Mercedes.

Most things indicate some sort of traffic accident, but as there are several documented accidents here, from this era, which involved race cars on roads in "private tests" or "practice", I won't rule out this case being relevant to the forum section.

But the crucial piece of info evades me, and I can't agree with the seller of this item about it being a race crash. Well, not yet, anyway. In any case, it's now on record, and starting from the bottom.
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Post by Michael Ferner » 10 months ago

Henri de Rothschild owned several early Mercedes, although I'm not sure anything later than a 1902 40HP. However, the Sixty was current also in 1902, and wouldn't have been raced in 1905, except maybe in a tourist competition, and I'd doubt even that. De Rothschild also usually didn't drive himself (except maybe in a tourist competition...), but gave his cars to professionals like Wilhelm Werner or Henry Degrais.
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