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[PENDING] Touring Car/Saloon Car Crashes

Our pioneering project aims to identify and catalogue every crash photo in racing history. We cannot do it alone, so if you have any spare time, view this forum and sign up to help!
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[PENDING] Touring Car/Saloon Car Crashes

Post by hollie3sa » 1 year ago

Indexing as below. Not complete yet.
Will update this thread accordingly.


1904 C. G. Wridgway's 1904 wreck (2) at Brighton Beach. ... nbeach.jpg ... beach2.jpg
Detroit Public Library
https://digitalcollections.detroitpubli ... a%3A177884

1905 Joan Cuneo, Glidden Tour
Detroit Public Library
https://digitalcollections.detroitpubli ... 20wreck%29

1910 Milton Bacon's fatal wreck in the 1910 Vanderblilt Cup, driver Harold Stone was badly injured, but survived:

1921 Carlos Dessani/Pedro Vittori, San Francisco (Córdoba, Argentina), fatal

1924 Hermann Rützler Lyon during the 1924 GP de l'A.C.F.: French GP

1957 Len Lukey Phillip Island
Ford Customline
We were with the Austin 7 Club at Phillip Island for the January 1957 meeting. Stationed at Southern Loop, we saw Len come barreling around. get out of shape, collect a 44 gallon drum and flip onto the roof. As we ran accross to help Len was clambering out, saying - "This is Mums shopping car- she will kill me"

1960 Lou Molina rolled his XK Ford Falcon in the 1960 Armstrong 500 at Phillip Island - a race which would be later known as the first Bathurst 1000 (or at least, the first direct ancestor of it):

1962 Bathurst Six Hour Race Harry Firth ... ur_Classic

1962 Henry Ibsen rolls his Volvo at Roskilde Ring in 1962, not sure there was an actual Danish Saloon Car C'ship back then. Click to enlarge (2):
Volvo PV544

1962 Pedro Berckemeyer ... =ct&n=8854
Arkiv Perú; El Comercio

1963 Klaus Vehling
Description: Driver Vehling escaped uninjured.
Year: 1963
Driver(s): Klaus Vehling
Category: Touring Cars
Series: ETCC
Vehicle: Jaguar Mk II 3.8
Country: Germany
Circuit: Nürburgring
Event: Nürburgring 6 Hours
Fatal: No
Photo Credit: Hallo Fahrerlager ... 06-16.html

1963 Jim O'Shannesey takes a nasty two-time (at least) rollover in the first Bathurst 1000 (or correctly, Armstrong 500) to be actually held at Bathurst, I.E the 1963 edition. According to the newspaper, he ended up "across the seat" which I'm assuming means the seat either broke and he ended up in the back seat of the car like the infamous Bill Brown crash in 1971, or he was thrown around in the car (possibly he wasn't wearing a seat belt, it was 1963 after all.) Regardless, from what I could tell from the newspaper which I got this from, he could have been injured, but how badly injured he was if he was injured at all is not known, therefore making this a WARNING: POSSIBLY SERIOUS ACCIDENT

1963 J. Garrett ... 8608-n.jpg
Shown in Programme for Bathurst Easter April 1963.Cant find it before or after.

1964 Knockagh Hill Climb, Northern Ireland, Stanley Humphries
Knockagh is indeed (or was) a Hillclimb venue. The car Humphries crashed is a Mk 1 Cortina FWIW.

1964 Ian Geoghegan, Catalina Park
Lotus Cortina
Bruce Wells

1964, Jason Prisk, Warwick Farm
Škoda Octavia
Melinda Saxton

1964 Comedic incident at the 1964 Kanonloppet at Karlskoga:
Jan Johansson's Fiat stalled in the middle of the track. While many drivers were able to avoid him - such as Julien Vernaeve who spun his Mini just in front of the Fiat - Alan Mann in the #80 Ford Galaxie pushed Gösta Karlsson, driving a Saab 96 Sport, into the unusual obstacle. He was able to continue the race for a bit but eventually had to retire.
Gerry Johansson;

1965 Clyde Collins rolled his Ford Cortina during a touring car race run at Baypark Raceway, New Zealand in 1965.

1965 Colin Wear going through the windscreen of his Triumph 2000 after he rolled in the 1965 Bathurst 500:

1966 Son Borch-Christensen's aftermath at Jyllands-Ringen, in the 1966 season-opener, click to enlarge:

1966 Two photos of burning wreck of fatal accident of Felipe Rubinger during private practice at Circuito El Club de Huachipa in Lima, 1966:
Luis Valverde Pando; La Prensa ... ct&n=13140

Roger Monk in pracitce, Wigram, 1966.
Austin Cooper S
Peter J. Low

1966 24h Spa (both)
The wreck of Henri Quernette/Georges Lambrechts:
And the spectacular accident (6) of Haas (first name unknown), both in the 1966 24 Hours of Spa. ... 07-24.html

1966 Gerry Taylor and Mo Mendham in 1966 at Mallory Park. BTCC?
Picture number five is me at Shaws Hairpin Mallory Park, approaching the corner at full chat, going "thru the box" to select first for the pull out toward the Devils Elbow, when blimey mate! a subtle touch up the back from Mo Mendham's mini, and its Goodnight Vienna! That was on Easter Sunday, we rebuilt overnight and put her on Pole at Silverstone on the following morning, Easter Monday!

1966 Ron Brown, Pukekohe
Source: Roger Dowding

1966 Charlie Smith & Ron Haylen's Mini rolled in 1966.

1967 John Ancich rolled an Abarth 500 at Amaroo Park in 1967:

1967 Clyde Collins

1967 Geoff Munyard rolling an FX Holden @ Symmons Plains in 1967:

1968 Peter Cazarro rolled an Alfa Romeo at Symmons Plains in 1968:

1968 Johann Abt, Aspern

1968 Alberto Gómez' accident (2) in 1968 at the Autódromo de Buenos Aires (Turismo Anexo J Clase "C"-race), click to enlarge:

1968 Aftermath of disastrous accident during the 1968 Três Horas de Joinville, Brazilian touring car road race. ... ct&n=10249

1968 This may be incorrect, I'll ID as I understand it.
6-pic sequence of bad accident for Alberto Gómez and López Oribe (co-driver), in a 1960s round of the TC.
Oribe was ejected, lost his helmet, and was knocked unconscious. Gómez climbed out, and the car burned. Speranza is the name of the photographer circled behind tree in pic 2.
Judging by that, it was in the 1966 4 Hours of Buenos Aires, but the chronology of the list appears to be wrong, so it must have been 1968.

1968 Gerry Martin upended his Ford Cortina GT at Catalina Park in 1968:

1968 Jaime Riveros ... ct&n=12425

1968, at San Cristóbal (Venezuela), crazy wreck (4) of Israel Bilancieri (not injured), and aftermath/wreck (2) of Ernesto Viso

1968 Mike Marshall Pukekohe NZ GP
"Barry Pointon had a workshop accident where he fell down into one of the workshop pits and broke his leg. Mike Marshall, the late Bruce McLean, and others used to play darts at Barrys on a Monday night, after a couple of beers Mike had convinced Barry to let him race the Anglia at the upcoming Grand Prix meeting at Pukekohe"
Steve Elliott; Bruce McDonald; Auckland Star

1968 Bathurst
Adrian Ryan in practice

1968 Roger Withers.

1969 Innes Ireland/Amilcare Ballestrieri/Alcide Paganelli, 1969 Nürburgring 84 hours (Marathon de la Route) ... rgring.jpg ... 84hrs.html

1969 Roger Alomes crushed his EH Holden somewhat @ Baskerville in 1969:

1969 Bernie Haehnle

1969 Eduardo Giácomo and Raimundo Córdoba's fatal wreck in connection with 1969 race at Paraná, Argentina: ... =ct&n=9642 ... =ct&n=9643

1969 Fatal Lotus Cortina wreck of Fredy Vaz during the 1969 6 Horas de Huambo in Angola:

1969 Pile-up Mont Tremblant Trans-Am ... 08-03.html

1970 Randall Bromfield had a huge crash in a Mini Cooper S in 1970 at Baskerville:

1970 Clive Antees with an interesting incident in a Mini at Bathurst in 1970 during the weekend of the ATCC sprint round there:
Dick Simpson

1970 Karlskoga Kanonloppet fatality * ... nCars1.jpg ... nCars2.jpg ... nCars3.jpg ... nCars4.jpg

1970 Vittorio Motta's wreck in the 1970 7. Trofeo Vallecamonica, small image.

1970, Don Holland, Amaroo Park
Morris Cooper S
Autopics; Bob Jess; Teddy Webber

1970 A. Shrimpton (first name unknown), 1970, Catalina Park
Mini Cooper S
Peter Szumowski

1970 Keith Grose Catalina Park
Ford Capri
Walter Anker; Terry Hines

1970, Tony Roberts, Bathurst
Australian Muscle Car Magazine;

1971 Geoff Spence got upside down after tangling with Mick Lacey while driving Minis at Amaroo in 1971: ... F_Stack_71

1971 Barry Sharp flipped an XY Falcon GT @ Amaroo Park in 1971: ... F_Sharp_71

1971 I believe that's another angle of Willy Bendeck/Efrain Arauz fatal wreck, in top right corner: ... 7700-n.jpg ... =ct&n=4308 ... =ct&n=4309

1971 Kauko Eriksson's fatal crash during qualifying for 1971 Keimolan Juhannusajot: ... =ct&n=1202
Die Tat

1971 Bill Brown, Bathurst
Murray McDonogh; John Power
“Sorry about your front fence lady, but it is a motor race ya’ know!”

1972 Peter Mather rolled an FJ Holden @ Baskerville in 1972:

1972 Colin Bond

1972 Luigi Rinaldi ... 5-21a.html
Autosprint; Dusan Neumann;;

1972 John Lawes (Morris Mini) & Graham Littlemore (Mini Clubman), 1972, Oran Park ... anpark.jpg ... npark2.jpg ... npark3.jpg ... npark4.jpg ... npark5.jpg
Autopics; Peter Szumowski; James Semple; Dick Simpson

1973 Allan Moffat Phillip Island
The Age

1973 A pileup involving Fred Gibson, Bob Morris and Don Holland at Oran Park in 1973. I suppose it would have been an early Group C race in that case: ... _T_Gibs_73

1973 Martino Finotto, Spa ... 07-22.html

1973 Joe Huber ... =ct&n=2983
The Straits Times

1973, Bob McMinn, 1973, Warwick Farm
I had no idea that anyone had a photo of it but I still have a vivid memory of the incident. Coming onto the Causeway at Warwick Farm I didn't see what triggered the incident but the Sprite was actually on the left and above my car completely upside down underneath. Fortunately, by the time you see the car in the photograph he just extremely lucky that the car had rolled over and it landed on its wheels. I rremember looking up and the driver who was dressed in a bright red race suit had his arms dangling from the car and this is shown in the photograph as it was about to land. I thought at the time that he was in trouble as I didn't see the car land on its wheels, but fortunately the driver was OK and I saw him in the pits after the race - the car was a little bit worse for wear! Great memories of racing at Warwick Farm.
-Gerry Burges, driver of the Triumph TR2 passing by
Source: Rod Chivas; Lance Ruting

1973 John Fitzpatrick/Gérard Larrousse/Jochen Mass ... 07-08.html
Rallye Racing

1973 Jon Leighton Bathurst
Here's a nasty one. Jon Leighton's Mini rolls over a guardrail, through an advertising sign and into a pole in the 1973 Bathurst 1000, crushing the roof quite severely in the process. He was injured, but to my knowledge he recovered:
Australian Competition Yearbook

1973 John Grierson
Description: A Mini crashes at Moss Corner during a support race for the 1973 Can-Am at Mosport. A BMW 2002 stays on the correct line, meanwhile the Fiat 128 of Kieth Robinson is parked behind the barrier.
Year: 1973
Driver(s): John Grierson
Category: Saloon Cars
Series: ???
Vehicle: Mini Cooper S
Country: Canada
Circuit: Mosport
Event: Can Am Support race (NOPE. Player’s Challenge, see post below)
Fatal: No
Photo Credit: Brian Waddell on Flickr
The BMW was driven by Mike Barber. It's not like that would help but.. you know.

A #132 Mini was raced by a J. Grierson (first name unknown) a couple of months prior to the Can-Am meeting during the BEMC 18th Annual Indian Summer Trophy Races held on Oct 1, 1972. Maybe that's a lead we could follow.
The #132 apparently does not appear in the 1973 Can-Am program. Speculations are that the photo might have been taken during the Player's Challenge (Formula B, later Formula Atlantic) weekend (August 17-19, 1973). The Mini was driven by the above mentioned John Grierson

1973 Peter Batten Pukekohe
Rex Rattenbury
Mini Cooper S 1275

1974 Terry Shiel Oran Park
Neil McLean; Brian Stratton

1974 Brian Foley, 1974, Oran Park
Alfa Romeo GTA
Peter Stuyvesant $100,000
Colin Hunt, Racing Car News

1974 Terry Shiel Bathurst ... actice.jpg ... ctice2.jpg
During Saturday practice, Terry Shiel got to the end of Conrod and the brake pedal went to the floor. He tried driving along the fence to slow the car down.
Attila David; Autopics

1974 Stuart Lush Pukekohe
Amco Mini Seven Series
"Got hit from behind and catapulted over at least one car before landing upside down with petrol and fuel fro running down the roof below me."

1974 Rod McRae Bathurst
Bob Allingham; Max de Mestre-Allen;

1974 The Barry Nixon-Smith/Dennis Geary (Geary driving) up-ended Holden Torana at Bathurst in 1974:

1974 Barry Seton Oran Park ... ampionship
Australian Competition Yearbook; Bill Forsyth

1975 What was left of now V8 Supercars driving observer and ex F1 & sports car driver Tim Schenken's Alfa after a big rollover at the top of the mountain in 1975: ... thurst.jpg ... hurst2.jpg ... hurst3.jpg ... hurst4.jpg ... hurst5.jpg
Tim Schenken, sharing his Alfa with Paul Bernasconi, rolled the 2000 GTV at Skyline while leading the class.
Autopics; Brian Baird; Michael Delaney; Ian Klemm; Ken Scorer

1975 Greg Lancaster Pukekohe
Vauxhall Victor
Ross Cammick;

1975 Geoff Sutherland flattened his Charger at Baypark Raceway, New Zealand, 1975.

1976 Here's a start crash from the ATCC round @ Amaroo Park in 1976. Colin Bond got turned around by Allan Grice and a couple of other cars plowed into him. Grice was promptly excluded from the race: ... ampionship
Australian Competition Yearbook

1976 Huub Vermeulen Spa ... rt=Results

1977 Spa Pileup

1977 Article and images from the 1977 Shah Alam disaster: ... it_a&n=320
National Library of Singapore

1977, Greg Lancaster, Manfeild
Jack Nazer now moved up to pass Lancaster, the two V8 Victors running together in impressive style. As they came out of Dunlop, Nazer’s extra power took him up the inside of Lancaster, nosintg just ahead as they went through the kink before the start line. Then for some unaccountable reason, Lancaster’s car skewered sideways on the straight, hitting Jack’s Victor amidships and breaking the left front steering arm. All eyes were on Nazer as the red Cossack Victor slid sideways at over 120mph down the inside of the circuit in the dirt, on the seal, bounced up onto the rough grass, spun around one way and then the other, all at a terrifying speed, looking as though any minute it would hit something and(or flip over. Fortunately, the flag marshalls down at Firestone saw the car coming and ran ot of the way, as the Victor collected the flag assembly, missed a parked vehicle, and came to a rest back in the middle of the track, largely unharmed apart from dented doors, a front guard and the steering. While Jack appeared to be trying to control the beast, and making a good job of it, with a broken steering arm, there wasn’t too much he could do, lady luck staying with him during the terrifying ride. That was wha anyone was looking at, until suddenly the alert Manfeild octor Jack Drummond and the ambulance shot of down to Firestone. Lancaster’s Victor had gone straight down the straight, after touching Nazer, but then just kept going straight at the corner, its speed taking it over the top of the earth plough and thumping very very hard into the bank. Lancaster was hospitalised with a compression fracture of the spine.
Warwick Clayton

1978, Jon Herring, Charlotte Motor Speedway
Saab 99
Source: Steve Hawley

1978 Bob Cobden (#91) & Chris Heyer (#53), 1978, Amaroo Park ... oopark.jpg ... opark2.jpg ... opark3.jpg ... opark4.jpg ... opark5.jpg ... opark6.jpg
Source: Geoff Russell, Glenn Anthony Paine

1978 Bathurst
1978 Derek Bell
1978 Cam Worner/Geoff Leeds
1978 Kel Gough
1978 Phil Brock in practice

1978 several wrecks Spa 24h ... 07-23.html

1978 Armin Hahne Zolder - WHICH EVENT? ... 0Lowe.html ... falen.html

1979 Spa Rene Metgé ... 07-22.html

1979 24h Spa
#39 BMW was Jean-Pierre Beltoise.

#79 Toyota was driven by Otsuka / Keiji Takeshita / Kiyoshi Miyashita / Junko Ejiri.

1979 Tony Edmondson & Phil Ward, Surfers Paradise ... dise1a.jpg ... dise1b.jpg ... dise1c.jpg ... dise1d.jpg ... radise.jpg ... adise2.jpg ... adise3.jpg
Australian Sports Sedan Championship
Accident happened 26th August 1979
Video exists (Trevor Petts)
Edward Mcgrath; Donald Merkley; Trevor Oxnam ... 1685920767

1984 Jo Gartner Zolder

1984 Werner Liebers
Description: Liebers went off during the rain.
Year: 1984
Driver(s): Werner Liebers
Category: Saloon cars
Series: Rennwagen A bis 1300 ccm
Vehicle: Zastava 1100 P
Country: East-Germany
Circuit: Schleizer Dreieck
Fatal: No
Photo Credit: unknown

1980 Nestor Zen ... orZen1.jpg ... orZen2.jpg ... orZen3.jpg ... orZen4.jpg

1980 Janjão Freire ... anjao1.jpg ... anjao2.jpg ... anjao3.jpg

1981 Bathurst
1981 Charlie O'Brien/Mike Quinn in practice

1984 Bathurst 1000 Steve Masterton's Falcon gets dragged onto the back of a tow truck after crashing at Bathurst in 1984: ... al_results

1984 Joe Beninca rolled an Alfa Alfasud at Amaroo Park in 1984:

1985 Tom Walkinshaw Zolder ... 09-29.html

1985 Wellington ... ngton.html ... ington.jpg ... ngton2.jpg ... ngton3.jpg ... ngton4.jpg
The McFarlane/Murdoch (Murdoch driving) Capri crashed into a container at the end of the straight what caused a flag marshal to fall off and break his leg

Neville Crichton/Wayne Wilkinson ... ington.jpg

Ron Dickson/Tom Walkinshaw
The Rover was t-boned at the hairpin during first practice.

1986, Geoff Howarth, Oulton Park
Source: Chris Higginbotham
Geoff Howarth rolled his Mini coming through Knickerbrook corner.

1986 Wellington ... ngton.html
Warwick Clayton

Rex Rattenbury/Chris Toms ... ington.jpg

Graeme Crosby/Lou MacKinnon ... ington.jpg

Bruce Anderson/Leo Leonard ... ington.jpg ... ngton2.jpg
Martin Smith

1987 Graeme Bowkett & Per-Gunnar Andersson collided only three laps into the race ADD PHOTO

1987 Wellington ... ngton.html
Olivier Grouillard/Winfried Vogt and Robbie Ker/Glenn McIntyre ... ington.jpg ... ington.jpg ... ngton2.jpg

1987 Amaroo Park Iain Sprod

1987 Bob Herrick Oran Park

1987 Wellington Ian Tulloch (DNF) ... ington.jpg ... ngton.html

1989 Brian Bate, Andrew Maher ... ngton.html
After 2:35 of racing, Soper, who was in for Giroix, shunted Andrew Maher’s Toyota Corolla into a wall.
Brent Bottin

Bruce Fleming/David Slater ... ington.jpg ... ngton2.jpg

1989 Lakeside Pileup ... ampionship; Adrian Fuller

1987 Accident during the 1987 Prova de Turismo Grupo A touring car race at the Vila Real circuit in Portugal between Manuel Fernandes (BMW 635 CSI #55) and Pêquêpê (BMW M3 #49). The race was part of the Campeonato Nacional de Velocidade. ... +vila+real

1989 Crash of Amadeu Rodrigues (#2) and Alexandre Negrão (#25) during race of Brazilian Championship in Tarumã in 1989. Rodrigues suffered serious burns but survived, recovered and returned to racing.
Grid; Auto Esporte; Zero Hora

1989 Hahne/Ludwig ... rgring.jpg ... gring2.jpg ... gring3.jpg ... gring4.jpg ... gring5.jpg ... gring6.jpg ... itid1=1134

1990 Wolfgang Schütz and others, Le Mans
Wolfgang Schütz was severely injured in a start collision in 1990 at Le Mans. He suffered life threatening injuries and was in coma for over a week. The injuries proved to be career-ending, his rehabilitation took multiple years.
Motorsport aktuell

1991, Vila Real, Pedro Carvalho

1992 John Cleland & Steve Soper, 1992, Silverstone, BTCC ... rstone.jpg ... ampionship

1993 German Tauber, DTM, 1993, Nordschleife, Race 1 ... chaft_1993
Crashed at Wipperman, didn't make the 2nd race. Remained unharmed.
Rainer Schüller

1993 Larry Perkins inspects the bonnet of his Commodore after rolling it down the back straight at Symmons Plain after his front left-hand tyre blew out in the Australian Touring Car Championships. March 1993. ... _standings

1993 Mauricio Tucci
Gran Premio de Balcarce de Automovilismo

1993 Éric Bachelart & Jean-Pierre Malcher // Éric Bachelart ... actice.jpg ... 20TCW.html

1993, Dick Johnson (#17) and Bill O'Brien (#39) had a heavy crash during the 1993 race. ... thurst.jpg ... hurst2.jpg ... hurst3.jpg

1993 Tamara Vidali Imola ... ampionship

1994 Negrillo Sánchez ... ct&n=12296

1995 Mark Skaife Eastern Creek, pre-season test ... ampionship
Holden Commodore

John Bowe slightly flattened his EF Falcon in an accident with Craig Lowndes at Phillip Island in 1996. Neither driver was seriously injured, although it was the end for Bowe's car ... ampionship

1996 Alan Jones

1998 Don Pulver Sandown ... ampionship
Holden Commodore VP
Autopics; Marshall Cass

1998 Alan Heath 1998

2000 The infamous Paul Morris and Mark Larkham crash at Oran Park in 2000: ... npark2.jpg ... anpark.jpg

2002 Yves Olivier ... sters_2002

2004 ... sters_2004

Peter Dumbreck Zandvoort ... mbreck.jpg ... 7_mstz.jpg ... 1_mstz.jpg ... 2_mstz.jpg
Auto, Motor und Sport;

Bernd Mayländer Shanghai ... anhole.jpg ... 3_mstz.jpg

2005 ... sters_2005

Frank Stippler Spa-Francorchamps ... 1_mstz.jpg

Jean Alesi Hockenheim ... kAlesi.jpg

Bernd Schneider Spa ... 6_mstz.jpg

2007 Alexandre Prémat Hockenheim ... sters_2007 ... Premat.jpg

2009 Franz Engstler Pau ... chaft_2009

2010 ... tarterfeld

Timo Scheider Shanghai ... 1_mstz.jpg ... 4_mstz.jpg

Maro Engel Shanghai ... sEngel.jpg ... 1_mstz.jpg

2010 Alexandre Prémat & Maro Engel ... -Crash.jpg ... 7_mstz.jpg
Audi Sport

2010 Fabian Coulthard Bathurst ... hip_Series

2013 Kevin Esnault ... ct&n=12320

2013 Aftermath of heavy collision between Viktor Kozankov (Renault Clio Sport #21) and Stanislav Minsky (SEAT Leon Supercopa #18) during second round of 2013 Russian Racing Championship: ... moscow.jpg ... oscow2.jpg;

Chaz Mostert 2015 Bathurst ... hurst_1000
Greg Simpson

2016 André Matsutani

2017 Lee Holdsworth, Nick Percat ... _Challenge ... bourne.jpg ... ourne2.jpg ... ourne3.jpg ... ourne4.png ... ourne5.png

2018 Pileup Vila Real ... _wtcr2.jpg
World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) ... /?st=RACE1
Rob Huff VW Golf GTI
Mehdi Bennani VW Golf GTI
Norbert Michelisz Hyundai i30
Yann Ehrlacher Honda Civic Type R
Thed Björk Hyundai i30
Esteban Guerrieri Honda Civic Type R
Benjamin Lessennes Honda Civic Type R
Gabriele Tarquini Hyundai i30
John Filippi Cupra León
James Thompson Honda Civic Type R
Zsolt Szabó Cupra León
Tom Coronel Honda Civic Type R
Pepe Oriola Cupra León
Frédéric Vervisch Audi RS3 LMS


1989 Claus Jensen and #26 Mike Levin at the 1989 Nissan Grand Prix, click to enlarge:

2005 Ömer Koçyiğit (Omer Kocygit)'s fatal crash during the "Türkiye Pist Şampiyonası - Grup Maxi" at İzmir Pınarbaşı (Izmir Pinarbasi), round 1, 17/04/2005. +1 OFFLINE ... por5-1.jpg ... =ct&n=2446

2011 Flag marshal Guillermo Bibbó was struck and killed by vehicle of Juan Ramón Machado, during 2011 APSE race at the dirt track in Lobería, RA: ... g-3416.jpg ... ct&n=10846

2012 Collision during the 2012 Yokohama Cup, unknown driver hits Jesper Kristoffersen at Jyllands-Ringen, click to enlarge:

1977 Mazda of Yoshimi Watayama/Geoff Leeds, Bathurst 1000 in 1977 + 1 OFFLINE ... 1977_b.jpg ... e=5EAC29FF
Jock Psaros

1975 Divina Galicia

1992 Armin Franulic/Leslie Koerni(n)g, Somewhere in Peru ... =3&theater
Héroes del automovilismo Boliviano

1980 Dick Johnson's XD Falcon on the way back to the pits after the rock incident at Bathurst in 1980:

1983 Greg Lancaster + unknown Pukekohe
Datsun 1600 (white, background)
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The list is almost complete apart from a few bigger posts which I'll add later.

I'm gonna start adding what's above + open a new thread in the Content Requests section for stuff that is missing.
There's also a number of unIDed accidents in the Touring Car Crashes thread. So I'll probably gather them all in one post in the respective section.

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I noticed all your latest entries have "1" in the Also Involved box so I fixed them. It's odd because there is nothing in the database to say "1" is the default value and I don't have the problem. I think your browser might have a cookie/autocomplete form issue, you just need to clean your internet history.
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PTRACER wrote:
1 year ago
I noticed all your latest entries have "1" in the Also Involved box so I fixed them. It's odd because there is nothing in the database to say "1" is the default value and I don't have the problem. I think your browser might have a cookie/autocomplete form issue, you just need to clean your internet history.
Was just about to ask this when I realized it. Will do! Thank you!

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