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'Track Type' added

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'Track Type' added

Post by PTRACER » 4 years ago

For the benefit of those entering stuff into the database:-

I have added a new category 'Track Type'.

'Road Race' will always refer to Carrera Panamericana, Targa Florio, Mille Miglia etc., and probably the old vintage Paris-Rouen style races, but definitely NOT rallies.
'Point-to-Point'...Well, I guess this would be for rally stages? I'd like you to continue using 'Rallying' for the Category section though.
'Hillclimb' will just be for hillclimbs - Pikes Peak, Prescott etc.
'Oval Dirt' will no doubt be for sprintcars and vintage oval races in the future, like Legion Ascot.

Permanent Circuit, Street Circuit, Dirt/Sand Track etc. will denote actual circuits.

This is currently displayed in the Admin version of the CPdB only and after a trial I will add it to the User version.

I kindly ask that uploaders don't interfere with this section without discussing it with me first. Feel free to use it when adding new entries, and don't worry about previous entries - I can update them in bulk with a few clicks.
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