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[COMPLETE] Rally Fatalities Project

Our pioneering project aims to identify and catalogue every crash photo in racing history. We cannot do it alone, so if you have any spare time, view this forum and sign up to help!
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Re: [DONE] Rally Fatalities Project

Post by Maria Lissoni » 1 year ago

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Dear people
You really made the day of Delorme grandchild : here’s what she has written

Ils décrivent l'accident avec tellement de détails
Et le lieu : entre Moncalieri and Carignano, province of Turin
Je vais pouvoir y aller
C'est une grande émotion pour moi
Merci Mille Mercis

Many many thanks again!

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Post by Motorsportrace » 1 year ago

In another report, I've found that the accident happened in the "Tetti Piatti" region of Moncalieri, if that helps: ... ;2609873;1

(there's a photo of her in that newspaper report).

I'll give you more information later.

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