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Post by FloP » 12 years ago

I have collected here the links to all motorsport videos Strad has posted and/or reposted over the years. Most of them are offline right now, but they can be reposted upon request. This excludes only a handful of very old clips he has lost himself. The same goes for his crash videos which you can find via the next post below.

Indy 500
The Richest Prize
Roadsters At Indy All Parts Online
Voices of the 500
Cummings Diesel @ INDY 1952
60s INDY Videos>>>>online
INDY 1961
INDY 1962 & 3
British Invade Indy
1964 INDY
1965 INDY
1966 INDY
67 & 68 INDY
INDY 1969
1971 INDY...back online
72 INDY......back online
INDY 1973......back online
74 INDY...........back online
75 INDY<<<<<<<<<<<<<&
1976 INDY<<<< IT'S BACK online >>>
1978 INDY>>>online again
79 INDY>>>Back Online
Indy 1980s Dynamic Duels
1980s Indy Duels
1980 INDY
1981 INDY
1981 INDY 500
1982 INDY
1983 & 84 & 85 INDY
1985 Sullivan Spin To Win
1986 Indy
1987 INDY 500
1989 INDY
1990 Indy
1991 Indy
92 Indy 500
1993 INDY 500
1994 INDY 500
1995 Indy 500
1996 INDY 500
1997 Indy 500
1998 INDY 500
1999 Indy 500
2002 INDY
Danica Leads

More US-based racing
Years Of Thunder
1st Oakland 500
NASCAR Memories
NASCAR Close Finishes
1951 Watkins Glen
1951 Queen Catharine Cup
1951 Watkins Glen GP
1955 Rex Mays Memorial Milwaukee >online
50 Years Of USAC
1956 Milwaukee 250 Mile
1959 Milwaukee Mile
1960 Sportsman Modifieds
1962 Milwaukee 200>>USAC
62 LA Times GP
1963 Milwaukee Mile
1963 Riverside 400
1963 Riverside....2 versions
1963 USRRC at the Glen
1963 L.A. Times GP
1963 Riverside GTs
Firecracker 400
1964 Sebring
1964 Darlington
1964 MotorTrend 500 At Riverside
MotorTrend 500>>>Riverside>>>>1965
65 Times GP
Times GP
Can Am
Arturo Comes Thru with Mo' Can Am
new link: Can Am Odyssey
Mo' Can Am
1966 Times GP
"66 MotorTrend 500
1967 CanAm at Road America
1967 Sportsman Race From Riverside
BITD The Carolina 500
Bristol (NASCAR).....Back In The Day
1968 Daytona 24Hrs
Martinsville 1968 BITD
1968 Atlanta 500 BITD
1968 "the Rock"
1969 Milwaukee Mile
1969 Sebring
1969 Grand National Review
Junior Johnson Wins Daytona
1970 Falstaff 400 From Riverside
1971 World 600 BITD
1971 Ontario
1971 Virginia 500
BITD 1971 Riverside
1972 Virginia 500 BITD
1972 Winston 500 BITD
1972 MotorState 400
1972 Motor City 400 BITD
72 World 600
WOrld 600 BITD
1973 Daytona BITD
1973 Rebel 500 BITD
1973 Winston 500 BITD
BITD 1973 Rockingham
World (Coke) 600
Bristol 1974 and 1975 BITD
1974 Rebel 450 BITD
74 Daytona 450> B.I.T.D.
1974 Talladega
1974 Winston 500
BITD 1975 Rockingham
1975 Atlanta 500
1975 Darlington
1975 Talladega BITD
1979 Daytona
1982 World 600
1988 NASCAR @ Riverside
1990 Daytona
1991 Martinsville
1991 Pocono 500
1992 NASCAR Sears Point
1994 CART @ Surfers Paradise
1994 Talladega
1994 Bristol
1995 Brickyard 400
2000 Atlanta 500
Darlington 2003
Tracy in Montreal
Champcar Mexico
Daytona Ride Around
2006 Daytona 500
2006 Homstead IRL
IROC Texas
2006 Milwaukee Mile
Montoyas Debut
IRL Fight
MADHOUSE..1...2...3..4 .. 5.. 6 added
NASCAR Auto Club 500
Dover in Sixty
Heartland Thunder 1
Atlanta 500
Martinsville in 40
Texas in 40
Indy in 60
Pocono in 60
NASCAR Performance
Michigan in 40
2011 NASCAR Performance

Wheels Of Fire
The resurection of the Winged Express.(drag racing) NEW
Nostalgia Drags
Monster Trucks
Mo Monster
Monster Mayhem
Monster Jam Las Vegas
Monsters In Florida
Monster Ball in Montreal
Mosters Invade Michigan
Monsters In Las Vegas
Knoxville Nationals
Monster Jam
Crazy Fun
Lions...The Greatest Drag Strip

Old News Clips>Old Auto Racing Footage>2nd Film Added
Any Interest????
Shell MotorSport History
1903 Gordon-Bennett...maybe
1903-1904 Gordon Bennett
Supercharged The Grand Prix Cars 1924-1939
1929 Belfast TT (back online)
Nuvolari vs Varzi
1932 Avus
32 Ascot<<<<>>>online
Pre-War Mercedes/Autounion
The Silver Arrows
Racing Silver..all parts online
1934 AutoUnion
1936 {BACK ONLINE} ;)
More 1937
1937 GP Season..part 2

Post-WWII Season reviews containing F1, Indy and Le Mans
Lead Up To The 50s Postwar_Pre F1
1950 and the 50s decade
1953 Swiss Grand Prix
58 & 59
The Fifties Are
1962>>>><<<<Back Online
1964>>>>>Back Online
1966....Back Online
1967>>>>It's Back
1968><><back online

1949 British Grand Prix
Fangio vs Moss
1953 Swiss Grand Prix
1955 Monaco
1955 Monaco
Zandvoort 1955 Mercedes Onboard
Vanwall Victory 1957
1957 Aintree
Mike Hawthorn 1958
Spa 1958
1960 Monaco
1961 France
Zandvoort 62
1962 Rouen
1964 Brands Hatch--European GP
1964 German GP
65 Silverstone and Zandvoort
Zandvoort 1966
Nine Days in Summer
1969 Closest Finish
Grand Prix the Golden Years
F1 1970 -1979
1970 Eff Wan
1970 GP Season
Formula 1 - 1970 The Uncrowned Champion - Duke
Another spa 1970..F1
1970 Germany
1971 Eff Wan
1971 Italy
1972 Eff Wan
1972 GP Season
1972 Austria (again)
1972 Austrian GP
Eff Wan 1973
1974 Eff Wan
1974 GP Season
1974 Zandvoort
1975 Eff Wan
1975 GP Season
1975 Emmo
1975 Brazil
1975 Zolder
1975 French G.P.
'75 Monza
1976 Eff Wan
1976 GP Season
1976 Spainish GP
1976 Dutch GP
1976 Monza
1977 Eff Wan
1978 Eff Wan
1978 GP Season
1978 International Trophy Race
Longbeach Onboard
Matra Onboard
1979 Eff Wan
1979 GP Season
1979 Race of Champions
1980 Eff Wan
1981 Spain
Villeneuve vs Pironi
82 Brazil
1983 Round Reviews
1983 San Marino>>>online
1983 Belgium GP
'84 Round Reviews
1986 Round Reviews
1986 Eff Wan
86 Monaco
1986 Hungary
86 Spa
Nigel vs Nelson
1987 Round Reviews
1988 Round Reviews
1989 Round Reviews
Suzuka Onboard
Prost vs Senna
Senna_Prost 1990
1991 Monaco
1992 Senna
1993 Brazil
Camera Hits Berger
Spa 2000 Mike and Mika Split Around Zonta
2004 Man On Track At The F1 Rd. 5: Spanish GP At Barcelona
Timo Glock, Australia, 2009

British Racing Green..All Clips Now Online
The Bugatti Story
Racing Red
Alfa Romeo
Racing Mercedes
Always Ferrari
The Ferrari Story>>Back Online
Those Red Cars
The Legend That Is Ferrari
The Revoutionaries
Aston Martin
Gurneys Eagles
Bye bye Cosworth
Honda vs Renault
Honda vs Renault
F1 State Of The Art
How to hold your Nose On

Daytona Story
Goodwood A Look Back
Racin' On The Beach>>>online
USGP History
Spa in the years
Zandvoort Thru The Years

Other open-wheelers / Lower Formulae
F-2 Heros
Jackie Stewart The Early Years
1965 Tasman
GP2 Spa
GP2 Bahrain
GP2 Monaco......back online
A1GP Zandvoort

Le Mans
Making A Marque
History Of LeMans
1952 Le Mans
1957 Le Mans
1959 LeMans
Rover Turbine At Le Mans
1964 Le Mans
caneparos Le Mans 64-65
Rover Turbine
1965 LeMans
Le Mans...66-67-68
1968 Le Mans
1969 LeMans
Le Mans 69
69-70 Porsche
Le Mans...the movie
Le Mans fast lap
1988 Le Mans
1989 Le Mans
Hot Times At LeMans 1997
Truth in 24

Sports Cars, Touring Cars, GTs...
The Road Races
53 Mille>>>online
1953 Mille Miglia
MG At Bonneville
1957 Mille
D Type Jag In Action
1964 Nassau Trophy
Tour de France for Automobiles...1964
1964 Cortinas At Crystal Palace
1964 Brands Hatch Cortinas
1964 12Hrs at Rheims>online
65 Targa
Targa Florio requests
A Year To Remember
A Year To Remember
1970 Targa
1970 1000km of Spa [ONLINE]
1971 Spa Francochamps 24h-Race for Touringcars
The Speed Merchants
1983 WSC Nurburgring
1000 Km @ Brands
1987 WEC Jerez
1989 WSC
1989 Macau Guia
1989 WSC Rounds 4 & 5
Maserati trofeo
1994 BPR GT China
2005 LMES....Final installment online
a huge video of LMES
Rolex Virginia
2 DTM onboards
2006 FIA GTs Oschersleben
2006 FIA GTs Brno
Group C historics maybe
2007 Sebring Finish

Alpine Rallies Anyone?
1959 Coronation Rally
The Flying Finns (1968 1000 Lakes Rally)
Inca Road
Rallies of the past (all the 70's online now!!!)
Some Old Rallys
Group B parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 & 8
Group B..
Quattro à la Une
Rally...Forrest Deep Mountains High
Audi Rally/Pikes Peak
RallyCross [More added]
New Zealands Pikes Peak
Greatest WRC Stages

Boardtrack Motorcyles
Bikes At The Ring
Rendezvous at the Ring
1955 Ulster TT
1956 Oliver Mount Motorcycle Race
1964 Spa Bikes
1977 Assen
1977 Dutch TT
Bikes At Spa 1982
Bikes At Spa
Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix
250 Bikes
Super and Sport Bikes at Road America
SBK Germany
Three For The Record
Isle of Men
Isle of Man 2009 Supersports Class
Isle of Man Seniors
Isle of Men 2010..1-2-3//Seniors added

Biographies and Interviews
Enzo Ferrari
the great english drivers - the two friends, Mike and Peter
The Golden Age...Stirling Moss
Stirling Moss...His Cars
Stirling Moss
Rob Walker
Phil Hill...Online
Interview With Black Jack Brabham
Jack Brabham Memories
Graham Hill Driven
Graham Hill
Junior Johnson Bio
Jim Clark....The Natural
Jim Clark
Jim Clark
Jim Clark...part 3
Jim Clark part 4
More Jim Clark...........
John Surtees: the son of the wind
The Flying Scot
Jackie Stewart Memories
Jackie Stewart
Mario Interview
Mario Memories
Mario And Son...redone in WMV
James Hunt...World Champion
James Hunt
James Hunt
Gilles Villeneuve videoclip
The Professor......back online
Mick Doohan
Jacques agrees with strad...
Montoya To Ganassi Announcement

The Right Stuff
Champions Forever...Without the Bull..
The Great Ones
The Great Drivers Part 2
The Early Drivers

Moss at Brands 1952
Tates Diaries
The Racers
BRSCC 1958
Moss Onboard
1960 Silverstone Meeting
1962 Nassau Speed Week
Lap of the 'Ring
A Great Year For Girling
A Ride Around Oulton Park
Raceday Silverstone 1966
1972 British Car Scene
More Onboard
Onboard full lap Nurburgring
Lapa Monza
Martin Brundles Driving School
Onboard Nordschleife
Mini Turbine

Silly Slideshow
X Games
C.O.R.R....New Video Added
Supercross Toronto
Italian clip added..(7)
Bud Shootout
Old Airplane Stuff
Dust To Glory
American Icon-The Hot Rod

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Post by FloP » 12 years ago

Here are Strad's crash videos:

US-based racing
1951 Langhorn
1960 Daytona Pileup
Jim Hall Vegas
Mark Dismore 1991 Practice
1992 Charlotte
Nigel @ INDY
2001 Davey Hamilton Crash
NASCAR....Jimmy Spencer
St. Louis NASCAR Trucks
Nascar 2004
Toronto Champcar
2004 ALMS Watkins Glen
Wilson and Herta Tangle
ARCA @ Talledaga
2005 ARCA Daytona
Twin 150 at Daytona
IROC Daytona
Daytona 500
IRL Miami
Speed Touring Cars
FOX Let The F Word By?
Jimmie Spencer @ Phoenix
Grand Am @ Laguna
Mont Tremblant shunt
Tracy In Monterrey
Star Mazda
Milwaukee Mile
NASCAR Wrecks This Season
Truck Racin'
Brickyard 400
ChampCar Denver
Busch Wreck
Alex Gurney Fire In Phoenix
Loudon Lowlights
Ryan Briscoe
Dover Busch Bash
Speed Touring Cars
NASCAR Trucks Atlanta (new clip added)
Busch At Texas
Todd Kluever rollover
2006 Daytona Practice Crash
ARCA Daytona 2006
Steve Kinser IROC Flip
Grand Am Mexico
Vegas Busch Bash
Longbeach Atlantics
Tony Flys At Talladega
Jeff Fuller Busch Crash @ Kentucky
Paul Tracy Cleaveland
Shit Happens
Joey Hand Flys
Tracy vs Tagliani
NASCAR West Wreck
NASCAR New Hampshire
Legge Wreck Road America
Talladega Trucks
Juans Firey Debut
Welcome To NASCAR Juan
St. Petersburg Incidents
Vitor Meira's Flying Machine
NASCAR At the Glen....the big one
2009 Daytona The Dale Incident

Dirt Track
Ron Krisher (drag crash)
World of Outlaws
Drag Crash in Milan
Tony Pedregon Startline Incident
Bruce Allen...Massive Pro Stock Crash
Top fuel
Top Fuel Bike Incident
Millican Blowover
Midget Wallwalker
Drag Crashes
Ken Schrader Dirt Wreck
Cruz On Fire
Drag Race Spills and Thrills
John Force Dallas

F1 Is Dangerous
Hans Herrmann
1973 Silverstone
Unidentified Crash (Zandvoort 1973)
1981 Belgium
1982 Canada
Riccardo Paletti and Didier Pironi
Pironi Recovery
Suzuka Memories>>>> Nigel
Philippe Alliot
Andretti vs Berger
93 Spa
1993 Fittipaldi Loops It
1993 Portugal
1994 Brazil
1995 Argentine Start
Mike vs Damon
Mika's Big One
1998 Belgium
Wurtz Canada slide show
2003 F1
Monaco_Giancarlo Fisichella
Jarno Wreck
Webber vs Fisichella
Ralf Wrecks in Qualifying--Monaco 2005
Albers Imola Roll
First Lap Fiasco 2006 USGP
Coulthard vs Wurz 2007 Australia
Kubicas Canada Wreck

Lower Formulae
Johnny Herbert
Scenes From Shanghai
Adam Carroll's Wild Ride

Sports Cars etc
1955 Le Mans
Peter Windsor
Aussie V8 Supercar

WRC Italy
Robbie Gordon Dakar Flip
Cyprus 2005
Acropolis Tumble
Rally Rollover
How Latvala Survived
10 Top WRC Crashes

Pikes Peaks Supersport Bikes
Rossi Wreck @ Motegi
125 Wreck
Troy Corser Phillip Island Crash
Miguel Duhamel Dumps It
Rossi in Jerez

Crash clips
2005 Recap
Assorted Crashes (I added a couple)
Star Mazda Goofyness
Dragboat Crashes
When Cranes Go Wrong
When Strads Go Wrong

[updated 03.03.10]

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Post by PTRACER » 4 years ago

With the return of strad, FloP's list of strad's videos has been restored. I will take his recent post as an offer:
strad wrote:PT
You know most of what I have if you have any request
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Post by strad » 4 years ago

Of course I will share anything I have. I only wish I had more.
I'm in the process of converting some old VHS to DVD..the quality isn't the best but the ones I've done so far are passable.
Just finished an ESPN classics 1995 North Wilkesboro 1st Union 400
1995 IROC race 3 from Talladega
Just a bunch of old crap I doubt there is much interest in.
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Post by PTRACER » 4 years ago

There should be. My interests have changed since you posted many of these, I'm more likely to watch some of the earlier American racing stuff, which I otherwise wouldn't have watched before.

It helps to upload a screenshot with the video and to put it in the relevant Downloads folder (under "Full Races & Highlights" / "Motorsport Clips" / "Crash Videos").
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Post by mattia2 » 1 year ago

Just noted this list, some of this could be avaible upon request? (didn't have time to read the whole list at this moment)

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Post by theracer120 » 1 year ago

Someone else would have to upload it because I don't think old strad is coming back.

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Post by PTRACER » 1 year ago

I downloaded and saved about 40 of his videos when he uploaded them again last time. I noticed he is on RFM now as a member...
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