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[F1] - best races per season

Racing events, drivers, cars or anything else from the past.
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Re: [F1] - best races per season

Post by Antonov » 9 months ago

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erwin greven wrote:
9 months ago
I simply can't remember a lot of the seasons. I know who won the title, but my memory about those races is gone.
I hear you there. Actually my memory is probably poorest when it comes to the most recent seasons.

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Post by kals » 9 months ago

Antonov wrote:
9 months ago
I did limit myself to one race per season (as per the rules, which you break as usual).
1) Thread title = best races per season
2) Opening post = multiple races per season
3) You've asked for advice on what RACES are worth watching
4) *sigh*

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erwin greven
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Post by erwin greven » 9 months ago

I watched 2 races in 1978, 1 in 1979 and between 1980 and 1990 i watched all races when they were aired live on the NOS (Ned. Omroep Stichting, Dutch Broadcast Foundation). Several were highlights. In 1992 RTL got the rights to broadcast and since then i watched all races live.

Of all those races from the 70's 80's and 90's i only remember fragments. Like Patrese's crash at Estoril, Arnoux at Zandvoort, Mansell at Adelaide, Hill's first win in 1994 in Spain after Senna's death.
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