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Saarlouis street circuit

Racing events, drivers, cars or anything else from the past.
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Re: Saarlouis street circuit

Post by Motorsportrace » 2 months ago

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hollie3sa wrote:
2 months ago
Moving this where it belongs:
Motorsportrace wrote:
2 months ago
hollie3sa wrote:
2 months ago
Motorsportrace wrote:
2 months ago
hollie3sa wrote:
2 months ago
Well, yeah: 1972.

I have a picture of the accident somewhere. Aftermath footage exists as well. Both cars were badly mangled. The footage is only available in the archive at the premises of the local TV channel (SR). The picture, I might be able to share.
Hidden camera, and you've done it. :cool:

No, I'm joking. I'd like to see the picture, if you still have it.

It would be interesting to get that video. I suppose it would be really expensive, or, even, the TV Station wouldn't give it to private citizens, but only to businesses (as RAI does).
The archive is kept alive by one single, elderly man. He's very kind and likeable as well. Wouldn't want to screw him over
Plus, that small room in the basement of one of their buildings with the rolls of film and the old television set makes modern technology such as a real camera really conspicous :happy:

They actually do sell copies of their programmes. I sent them a list with the items I'm interested in as well shortly after I visited their archive. It's not cheap to acquire material from there but not too expensive. The problem is: When I was there, their contractor who produced a digital copy of their 16mm-footage ceased his services. At the time, they were looking for a replacement.
Good thing you remind me. Will try to give them a call this week and see where we are.

I have the picture. Of course I have. Why wouldn't I? But I wanted to keep it private for as long as I'm working on the Saarlouis circuit stuff. Be patient :wink:

Ok, don't worry, I'll be patient.

Had a quick talk on the phone with the lady from the SR today:

Her predecessor is not working there anymore which is why I never received an update. Another company, apparently, has been found to produce copies from their archived footage.
The problem is the process of publishing the footage. For private use only, copies can be acquired easily. Publishing the footage without their consent might get me into some trouble. Getting their consent probably won't be too easy.

I'll send them an e-mail, probably later today, then update this post accordingly.



Source: Saarbrücker Zeitung, issue of Tuesday, May 30 1972
Thanks for that.
So... that would be the "ill-fated" car, if someone really died in that crash? Or is it the other one that was involved?

Well, you're lucky that acquiring copies for private use is easy.
Ok, you might not be able to post them here, but that's already a good thing, trust me.

Thanks for the update.

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Post by hollie3sa » 2 months ago

I can't tell for sure. Would have to revisit their archive to confirm which car this is.

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