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"NASCAR Heat 2" & "NASCAR Heat 3" - Opinions???

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Tony Trout
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"NASCAR Heat 2" & "NASCAR Heat 3" - Opinions???

Post by Tony Trout » 5 months ago

I just got back into NASCAR after a 17-year self-imposed hiatus....and also because I couldn't find any good NASCAR-related games out there.....until recently: For my XBox One S, I purchased "NASCAR Heat 2" & "NASCAR Heat 3" and I'm loving both games a bunch!!! Of course, I'm driving as "Dale Earnhardt, Jr." since his late father isn't in the game.

What are others' opinions about these two games and the DLC packs?? I'm wanting to get the 2018 pack that lets me race on the new "roval" at Charlotte Motor Speedway but.....finances are tight at the moment so that'll have to wait (plus, I'm in the middle of having to file bankruptcy due to having some huge debts hanging over my head.... :( :down:

Other than that, I've won just about all of the races I've played on the "Championship" level (except for the road courses).

I'd love to read another's thoughts on these two games......:)

Take Care,
Tony T.

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erwin greven
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Post by erwin greven » 5 months ago

Never tried these games. But i don't own an Xbox anyway.

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Post by John » 5 months ago

From the reviews I've seen, NH3 isn't too bad, albeit on the arcade scale of games.

The dirt physics are bad, and there's a few weird features, that maybe they've patched out by now. It's not Nascar 2003 by any stretch, but it seems to be decent enough.
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