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Favourite Arcade Racing Games?

Discuss everything from the latest motor racing sims, to the oldest arcade racing games, whatever takes your fancy!
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Favourite Arcade Racing Games?

Post by PTRACER » 2 years ago

When I say arcade, I mean these!


I pumped so much money into these machines when I was a kid. I still go to the seaside from time to time and spend £5 or £10 whooping my girlfriend's arse on Mario Kart.

Really hard to say what my favourites were, but if I was going to pick 3:

1. Daytona USA

2. Sega Rally

3. Oh shit...too many to mention. Not sure if I want to say Virtua Racing, Scud Race, GTI Club, Ferrari 355, Daytona USA 2 or Sega Rally 2!
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Post by Puhis » 2 years ago

I had a Dreamcast as a kid.

Sega Rally, Daytona USA, Ferrari F355 Challenge, hmm... 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker was also good.
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Post by Everso Biggyballies » 2 years ago

Lol.... everytime I went to my local shopping centre in the day I used to always end up playing Sega Rally. Used to spend more on that than food I reckon.

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Post by Andy » 2 years ago

I didn't play these arcade racing games sucking up dosh but pinball :D
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Post by Metzo » 2 years ago

Daytona USA & Sega Rally 2, Sega Manx TT.

remember when i was in Gran Canaria in 2001 they had a Arcade version of Moto GP from Namco, but that game was more a simiulation, still very fun to play

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