2020 Silly Season Thread

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Re: 2020 Silly Season Thread

Post by erwin greven » 6 days ago

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Yes, why should you believe Claire? You are more an insider than she is.
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Post by Vassago » 6 days ago

erwin greven wrote:
6 days ago
Yes, why should you believe Claire? You are more an insider than she is.
I never said I'm insider and you are clearly ducking the steering wheel issue. If the cars are fine why did it take until September to get the special steering wheel for Kubica? Isn't a steering wheel a part of the car? :huh: Or maybe he's faking the arm injury all along?

People have a tendency to lie especially when their product sucks. This is classic "Trust the Process" corpo-speak :twisted:
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Post by kals » 10 hours ago

Toro Rosso's name change request for 2020 has been approved. From next season on they will be Scuderia Alpha Tauri. I didn't realise until reading this article is that the name comes from Red Bull's own fashion label which was launched two years ago - https://alphatauri.com

https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/14661 ... 0-approved

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Post by Ian-S » 4 hours ago

Sounds like where the Robinson's should have ended up (danger Will Robinson).

Regarding Claire (Williams) she studied Politics at University, so in layman's terms that means she was taught how to lie without actually lying. You've more chance of getting a straight answer out of the team cat than her.
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