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Post by caneparo » 7 months ago

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kals wrote:
7 months ago
caneparo wrote:
7 months ago
I had the same impression of you. But at sky they said the sainz was penalised because he gained the position on ocon thanks to that excursion in the escape way
Sky UK or Italy? Once the replay was shown Martin Brundle said he believed the penalty to Sainz was very harsh. From the overhead replay you can see Sainz slotting in behind the Force India going into turn 3. Let's remember that Force India, Renault and Haas are in a tight battle in the constructors championship where every point counts.
Sky italy, of course. The replay shows only sainz and ocon wheel to wheel, but if they said so it woukld mean that sainz had the upper hand. Nevertheless the penalty seems too much. They should avoid that tarmac highway for escape road
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Post by Circuitmaster » 7 months ago

Can I just take a second to whinge about the on-screen display during the race?

Throughout the race, the left side of the screen is reserved for the race order which is good. The information provided next to the names tends to change, but mostly you'll see the split times between drivers, which is also useful. But then sometimes, when the cameras are focusing on a particularly close battle, they will 'highlight' the two drivers featured, and instead of providing the split they will have text that says 'BATTLE FOR 4TH' or whatever. The split is therefore not visible.

If there's ever a split time that would be useful, it's the split time for the battle that the cameras are focusing on.. especially given the one second DRS window being so crucial these days.. so why cover that up!?

Good race though, good job Kimi, silly Vettel, etc
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