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Crash Photos Database upgraded to version 2

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Crash Photos Database upgraded to version 2

Post by PTRACER » 1 year ago

After 5 years, I needed to make some changes.

Please post your feedback here (especially bugs or feature suggestions): ... 67&t=16533
- New, more modern theme which fits with the colours of the forum.
- New field: "Track Type". You can now search by Oval, Street Course etc.
- Circuits now searchable from the main 'crashphotos' list
- Tags are also now fully searchable
- A new warning system is in place - any unpleasant images are now completely hidden unless you click a button
- As a result, the "Safe" version of the CPdB has been retired
- Many changes under the hood, including compatibility with php7.x
- it now works on mobile devices!

Data changes
- Fixed a few entries where the images were not properly wrapped with "warning1.gif" and "warning2.gif"
- Photo Credit section fixed - all entries are now separated with a ; for easy export later
- Removed/fixed all duplicate entries

Still to do:
- Mobile version needs some work
- 88 entries are missing a track type
- Remove some unnecessary tags (E.g. Private Test and Speed Record Attempt)
- Remove some unnecessary Series types (E.g. Historics, Private Test, Unknown)
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