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The Crash Photos Database is an ongoing project intended to be the most complete catalogue of motorsport crash photos ever created. It is to provide racing historians, archivists and enthusiasts with photographs and information on accidents and incidents from the start of motor racing in 1894 up to the modern day.

Many of our contributors began collecting photographs of motor racing accidents in the early-2000s. Almost all images were discovered online, provided freely through websites or forums. Others were scanned from long out-of-date, or hard to come by publications. A small number are sourced from private collections. Locating the images has been a nearly fifteen-year long process. Some photos took several years to identify. We have taken the decision to host all images on our server because the internet is an ever-changing animal. URLs change, or websites may only survive for short periods before disappearing forever along with all the information.

 We give credit to the copyright holders where possible, offering users a chance to seek and purchase the images themselves. However, we cannot seek permission for every image and finding the original sources are often impossible. Therefore, if you have a claim against an image, please email us at admin@the-fastlane.co.uk and we will add your credit or remove the image. We take all requests very seriously.

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