1964  » Gran Premio Della Lotteria

The crash which claimed the life of Norberto Bagnalasta happened at 17h30 on Sunday, 28 June 1964. The Wainer 64 - Ford #60 driven by newcomer Giuseppe Colnaghi failed to start from the second row of the departure grid and was violently hit by Bagnalasta's red Lotus #34, that started from the eighth row. Bagnalasta, which car had gearbox trouble, closely tailed two other competitors, who had started in front of him in the grid. He was in acceleration at about 90 km/h and didn’t realize he was going head-on against the Wainer parked in the middle of the track and the impact was unavoidable. His front-left wheel hit the rear-right wheel of Colnaghi's car and the Lotus climbed over it. The car rolled after the collision, then landing on its four wheels.

Giuseppe Colnaghi was slightly injured in the accident. He was amongst the first who came to help the unfortunate driver. Norberto Bagnalasta who was crushed in the car seat, was found unconscious and probably already dead. He sustained massive head and neck injuries which proved to be fatal. The car's flimsy roll-bar couldn't save him.
Open Wheelers
Formula 3 (Italian series)
Lotus 20-Ford
Wainer 64 - Ford
Permanent Circuit
Gran Premio Della Lotteria
La Stampa; Corriere Della Sera;

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