2015  » Coke Zero 400

As the field came to the checkered flag, Denny Hamlin (#11) and Kevin Harvick (#4) made contact at the start/finish line, setting off a large pileup. Austin Dillon (#3) was hit in the side by the spinning Hamlin, lifting his car over several lanes of traffic before slamming front first into the catch fence; the impact ripping the engine clear off of Dillon's car. As Dillon’s Chevy came to rest on the apron upside down, he was hit hard again by Brad Keselowski (#2), who spun after slipping in oil. Crew members from multiple teams immediately rushed onto the track to help extricate Dillon, who walked away without injury. Five fans were treated for minor injuries when they were hit by debris from Dillon's car.
Stock Cars
NASCAR Cup Series
Chevrolet SS
Ford Fusion
Toyota Camry
United States
Oval (Paved)
Daytona International Speedway
Coke Zero 400
Getty Images; Action Sports Inc.

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