1950  » Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix of 1950 was only three quarters of a lap old when a multiple collision occurred taking out ten cars. As they approached the Tabac corner, the leaders discovered the track was soaked by water from a wave which had been blown over the harbour wall by the stiff breeze.

Giuseppe Farina - who was running second to fellow Alfa pilot Juan Manuel Fangio - was the first to lose control of his car, and was subsequently collected by Froilan Gonzalez’s Maserati. Seeing the accident, Luigi Fagioli hit the brakes only to be hit by Louis Rosier’s Talbot who in turn had been pranged by Robert Manzon’s Simca.

In total ten cars were eliminated in the pile-up. Gonzalez managed to continue but crashed on the very next lap, suffering burns after the car caught fire. Alberto Ascari managed to wriggle his Ferrari 125 through the carnage and eventually came home second to Fangio.
Open Wheelers
Formula 1
Ferrari 125
Maserati 4CLT/48
Alfa Romeo 158
Alfa Romeo 158
Talbot-Lago T26C
Simca-Gordini T15
Maserati 4CLT/48
Maserati 4CLT/48
Simca-Gordini T15
ERA B-Type
Cooper-J.A.P. T12
Street Circuit
Monte Carlo
Monaco Grand Prix

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