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A Polish rally legend, Jerzy Landsberg and his co-driver Janusz Szajng lost their lives, while leading the Rajd Krakowski Krokusy - also known as Cracovian Rally -, second round of the 1979 RSMP-Rajdowe Samochodowe Mistrzostwa Polski (Polish Rally Championship).

The accident happened a few kilometers after the start of the 10-kilometer 15th special stage "Rąbkowa - Znamirowice" of the rally, in the village of Tabaszowa near Krakow, in southern Poland, on Saturday, 21 April 1979 night. For unknown reason, the Opel Kadett GT/E #2 driven by Jerzy Landsberg left the road on a fast bend, ending at full speed into a ravine. The engine was torn off from the frame and plunged deep into the embankment, and the car caught fire, being badly damaged.

The first teams to reach the place of accident, were Landsberg's best opponents in the event, the Renault 5 Alpine of Błażej Krupa-Piotr Mystkowsky and the FSO Polonez 2000 of Maciej Stawowiak-Jacek Różański (the latter being a doctor!), who stopped their cars and came to give first aid trying to extinguish the fire. They could do nothing to revive Janusz Szajng, who was killed upon impact. He was 26.

Landsberg suffered grevious head and internal abdomen injuries, being taken in critical condition to a Nowy Sącz clinic. But in the following days, being his state of health still worrying, the doctors decided to transport Jerzy Landsberg by helicopter to the Klinika Neurochirurgii i Neurotraumatologii - Oddział Kliniczny, in Kraków. Landsberg succumbed to his injuries a week later, on Friday, 27 April 1979, without regaining consciousness.
Polish Rally Championship
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Rajd Krakowski

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