1989  » Rally das Camélias

The accident that claimed the lives of two spectators happened shortly after the start of the 7.5-kilometer asphalt fifth special stage of the 1989 Rally das Camélias. The Lancia Delta HF 4WD #8 driven by Ramiro Fernandes/António Germano Cruz Monteiro who were at the moment in 5th place overall, went out of control and skidded off the road, crossed a brook, then an embankment and smashed into a small shed that was completely destroyed.

A group of spectators standing on the roof of the shed fell down when it collapsed, being severely injured. Two of them died of massive head injuries at hospital later that same day, both driver and co-driver were unhurt.
Only the surnames of the victims, Machado and Pacheco, are known
Portuguese Rally Championship
Lancia Delta HF 4WD
Rally das Camélias
??? Machado (spectator)
??? Pacheco (spectator)

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