2011  » International Open Meeting ABB Arena

Swedish rider Peter Koij, an iceracing veteran who was considered as one of the best in Sweden, crashed and suffered fatal injuries during the second heat of the International Open Meeting held at the ABB Arena in Västerås, in central Sweden, in the province Västmanland, some 100 kilometers west of the capital city Stockholm, Sweden, on Wednesday, 30 March 2011 afternoon.

According to eyewitness reports, Koij seemingly suffered a punctured front tyre coming out of a turn which sent his bike straight into the fence, resulting in a violent crash. The barrier wasn't as safe as expected, probably because there were packed snow and ice behind it. Although the crash didn't look so serious, having Peter Koij waved his hands when he was rushed to Västerås hospital, his condition quickly worsened and the rider passed away a short time after admission. Two other riders who were involved in the accident, were slightly injured.
Swedish Elite Speedway League
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Västerås (ABB Arena)
International Open Meeting ABB Arena
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