1957  » Gran Premio Bilbao

Friedrich Hillebrand, more commonly known as Fritz Hillebrand, died on Saturday 24 August 1957 during practice in sight of an international event at the Deusto-San Ignacio street circuit in Bilbao, Spain. Hillebrand was crowned posthumously the 1957 Sidecar World Champion, having scored three wins on the five rounds of the series. His fatal accident happened one week before the last race of the season, the Grand Prix des Nations at Monza scheduled for 01 September 1957, in which Albino Milani with his brother Rossano Milani as passenger won the race on a Gilera outfit. Walter Schneider-Hans Strauß who were Hillebrand's best competitors in the championship refused to race as a sign of mourning.
Street Circuit
Gran Premio Bilbao

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