1936  » Grand Prix of São Paulo


Description Some say an overexcited de Teffe fan pushed a straw bale out on the track in front of "Hellé-Nice", some say a policeman walked out on the track trying to control the crowd, some say "Hellé-Nice" made a simple mistake, but anyway at a speed of 160 km/h she hit something and lost control, the Alfa Romeo somersaulted twice and crashed into the main spectator stand resulting in four (six?) dead and thirty-four injured. The driver herself flew through the air and fell straight upon a soldier, who absorbed the full impact. "Hellé-Nice" survived even if she had to spend over two months at hospital with a fractured skull while the poor soldier was less fortunate, succumbing to his injuries. A deeply shocked Hellé-Nice gave up GP racing.  
Year 1936  
Driver(s) Mlle 'Hellé-Nice'
Category Open Wheelers  
Series Grand Prix (Pre-War)  
Vehicle Alfa Romeo Monza  
Country Brazil  
Circuit São Paulo  
Event Grand Prix of São Paulo  
Fatal Yes  
Also Involved  
Photo Credit Corbis  
Tags Spectator Incident  

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