2008  » Spa Euro Race


Description Possibly the most incredible accident ever to involve both a race car and the safety car occurred during the Dutch Supercar Challenge race at Spa in 2008.

The safety car had been called for a collision between two Porsches, however the car itself picked up the second place driver, Arjan Van Der Zwaan, instead of the leader, Cor Euser, causing a brief period of confusion where the safety car had to chase after Euser's Marcos Marcorelly down the Kemmel Straight. To rectify the situation, the safety car driver was ordered to pull his Seat Leon off to the side of the road and do a full-field wave-around, after which he'd pick up Euser.

As the driver pulled to the side of the road at Blanchimont, #138 Paul Hogarth, a Guest driver in a Lamborghini Gallardo, slowed down, seemingly out of instinct given the bizarre situation and how rarely drivers are permitted to pass the safety car. #416 Joost Den Ouden was several dozen car lengths behind Hogarth and was catching back up, but as he rounded Blanchimont, the Dutchman came across the Brit's Italian sports car at a near-standstill. Den Ouden slammed on the brakes, however his BMW E36's brakes were far inferior to those of the Gallardo's and he was unable to stop in time.

Den Ouden's car ramped over the right rear of Hogarth's, tipped over onto its passenger side, and struck the safety car's drivers door with its roof, sending the safety car off course and into the tire wall. In the meantime, Den Ouden's Bavarian touring car rolled end over end several times, coming to rest on its side just off the racing surface.

The first car on scene to the crash was #333 José Bermudez De Castro, who shared his Marcos Mantis with Jan de Wit. De Castro, from Spain, spun his historic sports car out and was struck by #323 Willy Angenent, who was unable to stop his BMW Z3 in time. A second, unidentified BMW was able to successfully navigate the minefield, but #308 Laurens Gooshouwer was not as fortunate, locking the brakes on his BMW E46 and pile-driving into both Angenent and De Castro.

Despite the carnage, none of the drivers were injured, and the driver of the safety car was extricated and helped over the tire wall, seemingly okay. The race was red flagged after 6/25 laps and declared official with Euser the winner.  
Year 2008  
Driver(s) Joost Den Ouden
Paul Hogarth
José Bermudez De Castro
Willy Angenent
Laurens Gooshouwer
Category Sports Cars  
Series Supercar Challenge  
Vehicle BMW E36 Compact
Lamborghini Gallardo
Marcos Mantis
BMW E46 3.0 Compact  
Country Belgium  
Circuit Spa-Francorchamps  
Event Spa Euro Race  
Fatal No  
Also Involved unnamed Seat Leon safety car driver  
YouTube Link  
Photo Credit Autosport  
Tags Fire, Pileups  

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